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Best/Recommended Tours


Two mid-twenties girls are travelling to PP and looking for recommendations on tours to take.

Anyone done the waterfalls or white water rafting?
I’ve heard the rum factory/amber factory tour is good. Or is it better to take a 1/2 day and do it on our own?

What have you done and what do you recommend? It’s our first time in PP, so really looking forward to doing as much as we can.


We have a group of 24 of us going to PP next week and if you are still here, I can let you know about the Pub Crawl, catamaran, scuba, waterfalls, OceanWorld and more.
There are many good tour companies in the area and from recommendations we are going with Isaira Tours. They are taking 6-8 of us girls out one day to visit a school and then a few hours in Sosua to shop and visit Checkpoint. total cost of $35ish for 8 of us for 4-5 hours!! NICE :slight_smile:
The following day we hired him to take 20 of us on an all day tour, drinks included on bus and also lunch with a cocktail at a nice restaurant. We visit the San Filippe Fort, rum factory, amber, factory, cigar shop, grocery store, a couple poor villages and back to Sosua for a couple hours in the afternoon for around $35 pp 9-4 (or whenever we are done) - We knocked off the school, sugar cane factory and the synagogue They are also letting us design our entire day and are looking to stop at some other historical sites as well.

I personally would secure your 1/2 day or full day tour ahead of time with a private company, although I have heard many good things about some of the cab drivers as well. I would just get someone is recommended here and on other DR web forums

If you are still here when we get back on the 17th - I will let you know all about it.


bettyb2 - We’re there from the 14th to the 21st. I’ve heard good things about Isaira Tours, although not sure if we want to book a solo tour since it’s just 2 of us. The prices are certainly more reasonable than booking through the tour operators.

Your all-day tour sounds amazing! Just the things we would like to see, without having to take 2 or 3 separate excursions.

We only have a week, and I want to spend most of it on the beach.


I would recommend either the Jeep Safari or the Monster Truck Safari - both are excellent. The Catamaran is also a lot of fun. I had to go on all of the excursions before I started working down there so I would be able to speak about them at the briefings, and the two I mentioned were definitely the most fun. Have a great vacation!!


Monster Truck is a great tour and you get to stop at several small villages, farms and schools.
The Rum factory, We were not impressed and the rum is sold cheaper at the Playa Dorada Plaza. Next trip we will take in the River Rafting and Catamaran.


Caleigh - you can book the all day tour with them as well and they will pick you up at your hotel. there will also probably be other hotel stops to pick up other guests. Yes, it sounds like a great time…
we leave one week from today… :slight_smile:


I would highly recommend the Pub Crawl…FUN FUN FUN!
and the monster truck. The horseback riding was fun to, but lots of mosquitoes if there has been much rain. Book through the booths in the plaza or on the beach its much cheaper and basically the same tours. The waterfall one is good if you like walking for an hour in the jungle and crossing rivers! The falls are also very dangerous as a young boy from Hamilton died there when we were there 3 yrs ago.
Be cautious in what ever you do, and have fun. :sunglasses: