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Best room or area at the Tropical Resort?


[/p][p]My husband and I are traveling to the DR and staying at the Tropical Lifestyle Resort. Are there any suggestions as to which area of the resort we could request? any particular building? We would like to be close and not to have to walk to much. Any advice would be appreciated. If it helps we got the deal from CheapCaribbean.com.[/p][p]
[/p][p]Thank you! :)[/p]


I didn’t notice a whole lot of difference between room blocks. They’re pretty well laid out in a circle around the lobby and main buffet restaurant. We were in block 3, second floor and were pretty happy with what we got for our money. I peeked in a few rooms and they seemed ‘similar’. I’ve got a review on Debbies and photos / video slide show (PC only, not Apple)that you can access via my web site.
One thing. Some of the rooms have shower stalls that are very slippery. We were warned ahead of time and took a cheap shower mat, but didn’t need it.


Thank you @BobFromCanada for helping as I know you stayed there not long time ago and that you could provide the best answer. By the way you can see Bobs review and other reviews on this page http://www.debbiesdominicantravel.com/468_lifestyle_tropical_beach_resort_spa.html


Thank you so much! I have just requested a room on the 2nd floor. And what about requesting certain restaurants? I read that they are pre assigned. We are staying for 4 nights so not sure how many reservations we will get. Bob, I went through your review and it was very helpful and if you have any other advice, that would be really appreciative.


Yeah, right, they were preassigned. And it was a pill to change that. With a little luck, at least one of them will suit you. That said, the buffet was more than acceptable. Some items were definitely not to my taste, but I just moved on to another chaffing dish.
Beware the time share/vacation club salespeople. They were the one major pain. And, no, I didn’t go for the tour or get my free gift. My loss, I guess … :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh yeah, please send us a review when you get home …


Building 3 and 4 will be closer to the buffet and pool. Building 5 (our favorite) still close but a bit quieter.

Do be aware of the sales “sharks” (time share sales) a simple no will do. Don’t let them tell you that you "have been assigned a time for your “required” tour. This is total BS. You are not required to tour anything.

You will be assigned probably 1 restaurant with a 4 day stay. You can change (not always possible) and sign up for other nights at the desk at 9am in the morning. We have almost always been able to change and most times also get other nights rather than the buffet. The buffet food has slipped a bit in the last year but will ok. Best restaurant available to you in my opinion is the steak house.

Have a great trip and remember the “stupid” price you paid on CC for your trip. You will have a great time.



Thanks so much! Looking forward to our trip and I will come back to share my review and yes I will remember the price we paid :slight_smile: Hopefully we will still have a good time…thanks once again for all your help!


I’m sure you’ll enjoy your trip. For what it’s worth, we plan to return this winter, probably Jan/Feb.


You will have a great time