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Best seats?


My husband and I are both large people. Last year was so cramped on the plane. Does anyone know which seats on the plane might be best for large people? We are flying air transat.


The best answer is Club Class.
Failing that, if the issue is legroom, a bulkhead or emergency exit seat.
If its horizontal space that’s needed, it’s Club Class or nothing.


Or both of you have aisle seats so you can stretch your legs at least. :sunglasses:


actually its mostly height. Im 6’ and my husband is taller, although we both could stand to lose a few lbs as well.


My husband is 6’ 3" and I am only 5’3" and we always go for the aisle seats as there seems to be more room, I hate being trapped in the window or center seat it just feels smaller!!!


I sat in the emergency isle during one of my flights and it seemed so roomy. However, if you do sit there, you will have to have the physical capacity and willingness to help out of an emergency does happen. Children are not allowed to sit in these seats.


When we flew airtransat to the DR we were given seats at the back of the plane where the rows are only two seats wide instead of three and there was lots of room and you are close to the washrooms.


We are flying Club Class this year for the comfort and more importantly the extra baggage allowance. More supplies for the Dominican Children…


If you are flying Air Transat, call ahead and book your seats in advance.

Air Transat flies Airbuses to the DR and you can book two seats together at the back as there are only two rows at the back, two seats in each row.

The cost is an extra $30.00 each way.


Upgrade to club class on AT Vancouver to POP was $300 PP return. We sat on the back where the seats are only 2 wide (about row 42 and up) and the isle seat was OK because you were able to streach out and switch back and forth without bothering the poor guy who is on the isle because he is not there.


Hi: We always reserve seats A B or J K at the rear of the plane - My hubby is 6’3, 300 lb and finds these seats are better because there are only 2 side by side instead 3 and leg room doen’t seem as cramped. You can see the seating plans on the Air Transat web sight. It costs us $60 per couple extra return to reserve the seats but is well worth it.


If you ever get a chance to fly with WestJet jump at the opportunity as their seats are comfortable with plenty of leg room. You even save money because all the seats have plenty of leg room and also the service is great. We fly out of Hamilton to PC whenever WestJet flies from there usually from mid Dec. until the end of April


Also will depend on the configuration of the plane…I know in the many times I have flown Skyservice, they usually have the same 180seater, but just check with the carrier ahead of time if you wish to request specific seats! As a 6footer myself, I know this makes the flight a bit more pleasant! Happy travels! :slight_smile: