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Best Sell Off Site?

We have previously booked with selloffvacations.com and yourtraveltickets.com. We’ve had a good experience with both but does anyone know of a site offering better deals???

Don’t forget the prices are set by the Tour Operators not the travel agencies. It really doesn’t matter who you book through - the deals come from the tour operators. Choose who you want to deal with -they all sell the same packages. The sellers would like you to think that they are giving you a great deal but the deals come from the tour companies .:sunglasses:

The only thing I would add to Bud’s post is some sites update faster than others. You may see a deal on site “X” before it shows up on site “Y”, but eventually, as he said, they all give the same prices.

We’ve used escapes, Itravel2000, and redtag and just this time used selloffvacations, only because I drive by a B&M of theirs nearly every day. Neither have had any issues with Cuba trips.

On a note, I used redtag for a UK business trip October past that was a travel nightmare of disastrous proportions on the return leg and swore I’d never use them again 'for anything"

I would add one additional point and that is the discount the agent may be willing to give by reducing their commission. Yes, the price of the package is set by the tour operator but the commission is set by the agency.

We negoiate on average a $50 discout per person with most of our trips.


there is unbelievable deals on DR at Go Travel…2 weeks for price of 1!! wild cards at $499!! if your up for the DR :slight_smile:

Selloffvacations has a an “affiliate” log-in which gives you a further discount $30-$50 off each individual. Check if your employer belongs or maybe it’s not that hard to sign up for.

Ive used Selloff twice now and am happy with them, but Ive noticed in the past week that GO Travel Direct has some really great deals…I only looked at deals for March and April, so youd have to be someone who wouldnt have to book to far in advance…but the prices did seem to be better than the other sites I`ve been on.

There can be a great difference in price , depending on which day of the week you travel. Some resorts are offered by more than one tour operator and in each week there are different flight days to the same resort . If there is only one tour operator and one flight per week - no choice. I have been to a few places where someone else paid $300 or more than I did just because they came on a different day - same hotel .If you don’t check the weekly flight options for your resort, you could be paying considerably more :sunglasses:

We used to book only through a travel agent but for the last 4 or so years we have booked online, the last two of those with SellOff vacations. This year however SellOff office that we book through here in Nova Scotia couldn’t get us the Sunwing flight with the dep. times we wanted, plus there will three couples traveling this year so we got our absolute best deal with our travel agent (whom we have used several times over the past 15 plus years) got the resort we wanted and the departure times out of Halifax, and all three couples are able to be at the same resort. We sort of felt the SellOff gal was trying to sell us a particular resort, maybe not, but it sure seemed that way. Anyway, having said all of that, I agree with the other posters, you know how much you are willing to spend, where you want to go, etc. so when you see it, GRAB it or it could be gone!

So does anyone know which sell off sites seem to be first to update their prices/packages etc?

Chamusic, it seems like most sites update right around the same time (except tripcentral.ca, which always shows things being more expensive than they actually are…well designed interface but it’s almost useless in terms of actually using it to book online). I wonder if they use a common database?

I used Canada travels this go around and they lowered the price a little. All the sites I went to I found to all be the same. Except Canada travels offered me a discount. when I used the code that was posted a while ago. And even without the code I had emailed them and they came back cheaper but not as cheap as with the code. The code I used was pcdn2009

Gigi, did canadatravels.com give you an extra discount when you gave them the expired code? Did you just e-mail it to them or how did it come up? Thanks!

I did not give them any code I just noticed an ad they had on their site that said they had other deals to Cuba and I asked for more information and they just emailed me back with a lower price than what was online. I never told them I had a code. Using the code was a few dollars cheaper so I used it.