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Best way from airport to resort in punta cana?


this will be our first trip to punta cana, does anyone know the best way to get from the airport to the ifa bavaro resort? should we take a taxi (any recomendations? how much? ) are there other buses or shuttles we should take? (recomendations? )


Taxi-you’ll be settled and at the pool bar a couple hours sooner than by bus.
Don’t forget a cold Pesidente at the airport.


First, check with your TA, you may have a free transfer from the airport to IFA.


Public buses, although cheaper can be inconvenient and confusing because of lack storage space / passenger seats, and the trip may involve transfers.

A taxi will be more convenient and timely for you. The cost will be in the area of US$ 20-25. The travel time from the airport to IFA Hotels, Villas Bavaro Resorts and Spa will be about ± ( 20 minutes ). Be sure to confirm the taxi fare before you get into the taxi, when you discuss the fare with the driver, write it down in front of him to make sure he sticks to it. ( I had noticed in recent trips to the airport that the taxi fare signboard just outside the arrival terminal is not listing fares ) So, if a driver asks more than $25 you are being taken advantage of.

Note: Some visitors do have free transfers from the airport via bus. However, one must wait until the bus is loaded with its anticipated arrivals before departing the airport. The trip may involve stops at various resorts enroute, to drop off passengers. You may opt to waive the bus transfer and pay for a direct taxi. Please as a courtesy notify the on-site agent handling the transfer you are taking a taxi to prevent the bus waiting for a passenger (you) that is going to be a no-show.

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