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Best way to donate Meds?

I want to bring meds(over the counter stuff) with us on our trip this year. I’m staying at the Iberostar Hacienda. What would be the best way to donate supplies? I’m not sure how much I will bring because of the airlines cracking down on weight limits. Also are generic brands ok( they are for me )? Thanks every1 ;D

Denise, I work with providing donations of all kinds to some children who gain no benefit from the booming tourism industry in the DR. We can arrange to collect your donations from the hotel as easy as that if you’d like to help our cause. You can take a look at the pictures of the orphanage and a few of the schools in my albums at




If the packages of medication would be sealed, we could take your donations knowing that they can be examined for contents and freely used most likely by the children in the orphanage. The ages run from 2 years to 16 years of age.

Generic brands are entirely okay since in a foreign land like the DR, they may not be as familiar with some brand names anyway and it’s the name of the drug itself that’s pertinent. Indeed some organizations don’t want some kinds of things in the way of donations but our group is in need of everything and accepting all ensures that there’s a greater chance that all needs will be covered off. A doctor for the orphanage can best decide how to administer to the group of children.

If you’d like to arrange a pick up with us, please send me a note and we can work it out! Thank you so much for thinking of the children of the DR. I understand your luggage restrictions, but every little bit helps!


Kaki, what kind of OTC medication would be most appreciated? I’ve brought down vitamins, Tempra, Tylenol etc. but is there something that would be more in demand?

I think those are them! All the stuff we use the most often at home is most useful there too. I’m not a parent and don’t keep a regular eye on tots myself (I have a great resource in my sister with her 4 kids though!), so my own view of the world dictates my choices. I tend to enflame when I get certain bites, mosquitoes and generalized noseeums, my mom’s issue is blackflies, so the “old-fashioned Benadryl” as my doctor calls it gets high priority. Polysporin type products (I’m big on generics too and buy them for both of these) and sunscreen too. I found some Banana Boat tubes on sale at the Dollar Store. I think they had a short life span at that point (only a year left instead of 2) but when you’re applying it to an orphanage of children, it doesn’t last long anyway. I always say to use your imagination since a lot of our needs cross over into their realm too. The orphanage has a room with the back up supplies and it is meant to provide for all 35 kids, boys and girls. Toothbrushes and bandaids are helpful too, though not under the umbrella of medicine as we’re discussing here.

Depending on where your donations end up, other things may be more appreciated but they may not be as needed at the orphanage. There was a group that donated supplies to the medical clinic in Bayahibe and they brought insulin. That was what brought tears to that doctor’s eyes.

I think my comment about what is needed for our children is needed by the Dominican children holds true, but I think different groups may also need certain isolated things. If you would like to help the children that we support, I will happily see if there is a list for that crew in particular. There are often listed items like toothpaste without flouride and vitamins without iron. I don’t know if that applies to us too! So far, the orphanage has gratefully accepted all that comes through the door.

Thank you very much for asking, and I’ll try to get more detailed information.


Thanks Kaki, it would be helpful. It would be wonderful to be able to bring down insulin and other ‘real’ medication but they’re not things the regular tourist can get a hold of. When I went through the cash at Walmarts last winter with my ‘stash’ I told the pharmacist I was bringing it down to Cuba for orphanages etc. She was impressed so I asked her if there was anything she could give me - samples etc. She couldn’t give me any ‘real’ stuff but did hand over 3 little first aid kits. They had Walmart written on them and only contained bandages and a little tube of antibiotic cream but I was happy to receive them - every little bit helps!

Hi Kaki, How about mailing a care package directly to Bayahibe? Is that a do able thing? And here at Sams Club I can buy the large generic ibuprofin and generic benadryl or are the smaller dollar store sizes better? Thanks so much Kaki for your help!
And Thanks to you too Seachick!

In my opinion the best way to send meds is Not Just Tourists http://www.njttoronto.ca/index.htm . Dr. Ken and Denise Taylor started Not Just Tourists in St. Catharines, Ontario, in the mid 1990’s. Since then similar projects have started inToronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Kingston, Calgary, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and others are in the works.

I could be wrong Jimmy but looking at this sight it seems to apply mainly to Cuba (Over 90% by their own mandate) and very little is said about other developing countries such as the DR… Personally I would have a real problem with carrying a suitcase full of drugs to any country as I do not have the ability to know what drugs are legal and what are not especially if I was stopped by a customs officer.

A suitcase will provided for all developing countries (DR included) along with a letter explaining that the drugs will be given freely to the people of the Dominican Republic or what ever country in exchange for their hospitality along with a contact number in Canada and the country you’re visiting . Suitcases are custom packaged with meds that are most needed for the area you’re visiting . A letter is also provided to show the air carrier asking for an extra baggage allowance for humanitarian aid . We have done this 3 times and Skyservice 2 times and Sunwing one time have granted us the extra weight of the suitcase. The suitcase stays in the country you’re visiting so you don’t have to worry about returning it. We had our case opened one time in POP , the inspection officer looked inside, looked at the letter, thanked us and we were on our way. I believe Not Just Tourists is a recognized name to them. Here a link to FAQ http://www.njttoronto.ca/faq.htm

For the record we used the St. Catharines branch, not the Toronto one

Hi again, BTB and NJT are Canadian based foundations and I live in New Hampshire. Does anyone know of a foundation near Boston? I will contact AA to see if I can get an ok for an extra bag. Again are large bottles better than the small?? Thanks for all your input!

Ok, I did some surfing this morning and I found Fundacionmir.org they have a base at Casa de Campo in LaRomana. I will be emailing them to find out what I can bring. I’m all excited about this charity thing!!! December 4th can’t come soon enough! :sunglasses:


I am going to LR on October 11 2008 and I have around 7/8 cans of baby formula that I would like to donate to an orphanage. Would this be helpful? ;D We could also donate some generic meds as well.
we will be staying at the IHD.


I`ve often heard that if you visit you doctor before heading somewhere like the DR or Cuba ,that many will give you some of the sample meds they have on hand, ie: childrens tylenol, topical creams, eye drops etc. It would depend on your doctor obviously, but I know that many are happy to help out…