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Best way to get an upgrade?

I’m returning to Iberostar in 16 days! Yay! Have reservations at Iberostar Dominicana.

When I was there last Jan. we got upgraded to a Bavaro suite without even asking. Now I’m returning with my hubby (went with daughter last time) and I was wondering how to ask or encourage an upgrade. Any advice appreciated. We are celebrating our 30th anniversary, does it help to tell them that? Should I email them now? Ask at check in?

If I can’t get an upgrade is there a room or floor we should ask for in the Dominicana? We’d like to be near the beach.

OK, it is just a ‘request’. Check-in is too late. Send them an e-mail explaining your 30th anniversary. If you want a guarantee, pay for it up front.

The Iberostars really value repeat guests and will do their utmost to accommodate your request.
Chances are you won’t get a reply to your e-mail but bring a printed copy of it with you.
They’ve always honoued our request for a family suite. It’s a room category that they assign – you can’t pay extra and book it through a tour operator.
I’m confident that if there’s a room upgrade for your special occasion, and since you’re a repeat guest, they’ll make it happen. :sunglasses:

Good luck - it’s always a bit of a crapshoot.

I’d suggest sending an email about 2 weeks prior to arrival. Lay out what you’re celebrating, tell them how much you’ve enjoyed Iberostar stays in the past (play it up - make it sound like you’ve been to a lot of IB’s) and ask very clearly and nicely.

Thank you! I’ll email if I can find an email address. I was just on their site and the contact us links don’t seem to be working. Does anyone know their email?

I realize there is no guarantee but it can’t hurt to ask. :slight_smile:


Good luck. :sunglasses:

Thanks meandfamily. I just emailed them a very gracious request. Hey, if they can’t do it I’m sure it will be great in the Domincana rooms. My last trip was awesome and not because of the room. It wouldn’t be a bad thing to see how the Domincana room are.

I wanted to thank you for your help and say that I got 2 replies from Iberostar. That first one asked what tour operator we were with and which hotel. I didn’t know they would need that. Thought they could look up by our name and dates. Had to email my travel agent for this info. So we are VIP/Funjet Vacations and I emailed them that and got a very nice reply from the reservations manager saying
"Thank you for your interesting & fidelity in our hotel, we really appreciate it. ¡¡¡

Thank you for your email, we just read the below email and put into our system your room request, this email is forwarding to our front desk manager in order we can follow up on it, and try to accommodate the best way possible according to our availability at their check in time.

If you there is anything else I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us…


Joel García
Reservations Manager"

So nice! Even if they can’t give me an upgrade I feel so happy that they acknowledged our request. Do you think I should reply to that or would that be overkill? I’m not counting on an upgraded room but it can’t hurt to ask and with the economy the way it is I don’t know if that hurts or helps our request.

Eleven more days til we’re there! Can’t wait.

Yes, I would reply. A simple ‘gracias’ would suffice …

A few $$$ and a calm demeanor to the front desk attendant never hurt either…

It worked for me more than a few times. :slight_smile:

Have a good trip

Hey Rock 62 I find it difficult to get the few $$$$$ out to the front desk person without it looking a bit like I’m trying to bribe him.( which I am.) How do you do this smoothly without drawing attention to yourself or the clerk at the front desk.

I’d suggest thanking Mr. Garcia for his reply.
I’d also bring a hard copy of your e-mail correspondence just in case they haven’t noted your request on your reservation information.

I think you’ll find that the Iberostar is so customer oriented that there will be no need for a “cash incentive”. :wink:

Please don’t get me wrong but if you really wanted the upgrade the simplest way to get it would be to pay for it when you booked your holiday and therefore you would not be disappointed if you didn’t get it. However I’m sure the IB as usual go out of there way to provide you with an upgrade if the rooms are not already booked.
Lie you asked “Best way to get an upgrade”: Pay for it in advance

I get what you’re saying stillsdaughter. Budget is a consideration. When I booked Bavaro was considerably more expensive. I enjoyed the Dominicana amenities even if I did sleep in an upgraded room last time. I normally am too meek to even ask for such but I decided it was worth a shot and would make things special for us. I won’t be disappointed if I don’t get one. Hopefully I’ll at least get a nice room. I’ll be thrilled with any little thing they throw our way because I was brave enough to tell them we were celebrating our 30th anniversary and would like the trip to be extra special. :slight_smile: