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Beyond The Beach CF 2014 Fiesta Financial


Beyond The Beach Children’s Foundation,
Fiesta Report for Sept 13, 2014

We have had some inquiries as to how all fared with our fund raising for 2014 BTBCF Dominican Fiesta. I am pleased to give you those totals….

24 meals ………… $ 628.98
Presidente Beer Raffle ……… $ 120.00
Rum Raffle ………………… $ 90.00
Silent Auction items ………. $1,301.85
Total $2,140.83

Charcoal & meal $ 172.89
Cleared: $1,967.94

Expenses were low this year due to the generosity of Rod Gerro who donated the cost of the pig & the bbq spit.

One unfortunate bit of news that no one wants to hear ….The monetary donations to our various Charities will be significantly lower in 2015 as we do not have the income from the ever popular Vacation Draw. Our Directors are working diligently with their “Resort contacts” & brain-storming for other ideas to assist with increasing our income. Let us hope that something good comes out of all this for the betterment of the children.


M. Ruth Ainsworth, Treasurer
Beyond The Beach Children’s Foundation


Why has the Majestic pulled out?


The Majestic Colonial really didn’t give a reason other than they thought it was time for someone else to step up. Unfortunately, we were not able to find a donor but, not for lack of trying! Too bad as it was good advertising for them. We know several people who did try the hotel because they did contribute to Beyond the Beach and, every person who did donate for a voucher did check them out and I would not doubt some of them did go there.

We will be in Puerto Plata in January and will be checking to see if we can get a donation there but, we find that most people prefer to go to Punta Cana… Will keep trying and hopefully have a draw in 2015!

The kids are the ones who suffer but, we will try our best!


That’s too bad but I guess they are right that it is time for someone else to stop up… maybe try again next year.


you a so right Dot, that was the reason we booked Majestic last year was to support them back…


That was also one of the reasons we chose Majestic last year. (an excellent resort)


That was also one of the reasons we chose Majestic last year. (an excellent resort)
Too bad. They ‘were’ on my short list for this winter …