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Beyond The Beach Children's Foundation ...pleased to announc


…we are pleased to announce the winner of our Dream Vacation draw to the Melia Tropical Resort in Punta Cana.

Congratulations to JOHN & NANCY DALEY ,from Ontario Canada !!

Thank you to all those who participated in our annual fund raiser in support of “The Kids” of the Dominican Republic !!


congrats, who sold the winning ticket?


That would be John Basford.


Congratulations John & Nancy.
And thanks to Melia Tropical Resort for their kind donation.
It’s all for the kids. They are the future of the Dominican Republic . . .


I have to say I am very suprised at the lack of hype for this draw, usually there is a video and some build up to the excitement… not even that many people have read this thread or on the committee board page :frowning:

Congrats again to the lucky winners, John, Nancy and the kids !!!


Sorry Debbie, we didn’t get video this year. We did post a picture on Facebook of the winning voucher and the kind Swiss Chalet manager who drew the voucher for us.


oh, which facebook page, some of us are banned from even seeing the page :wink: not sure why either


Debbie - I am an Admin on our Facebook page - just looked and tried to add you and it does say you are blocked… I do NOT know how that happened and, it won’t let me add you.

Did more looking and, I have unblocked you!