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Beyond The Beach Foundation Committee

For the ones that have been around long enough here on Debbie’s, before I was a director I was on the fiesta committee, well it sort of disappeared. So we have decided to bring it back.
It is basically a think tank, and we have a group of people from the D.R., Canada, and the U.S… They represent a wide variety of travel forums. We approached some and others approached us, wanting to help build and grow the foundation. They have no voting rights, and are separate from the Board. We are pleased to announce the following as our Foundation Committee.

Robert Dungan Ont. (BobFromCanada,Debbie’s)
Darlene Gunter, POP (planner, DR1)
Mike Bryant, Punta Cana (puntacanamike Debbie’s)
Colleen Misner–British Columbia-- (Now Travelling on Debbie’s-previously Sosuagal.)
EdinNB-- Debbie’s and Banters.
Amandalou-- Debbie’s, finally a voice from the UK.
Jay & Kyla-- (presidentejay) Debbie’s, Ottawa.
Giselle Andrews (Dartmouth N.S.)

Please communicate with them if you have an idea, and welcome them to B.T.B.C.F.


We have added a few more committee members, see who is now apart of this great group. :smiley:

Please welcome Puntacanamike. He has and is doing so much for us.

Thanks to the “Mikes”

Welcome aboard Mike. It was a pleasure to meet you at Wud’s meet and greet in January. It makes such a difference to have you and MikeFisher there to help in so many ways. Keep up the good work

Congrats PuntaCanaMike, that’s great hear that you’re joining the Fiesta group. Another hat for you to wear!!!

Captain I sent you an email

Everybody welcome another Debbie’s poster to the committee


Welcome barriebrian!!! Your now part of a fine crew if I do say so myself!!!


good work guys, its great to see this wonderful committee growing like it is

We do havea great bunch :smiley: :smiley:

Welcome aboard barriebrian ;D looking forward to working with you 8-).

Please welcome sunnseeker6 to the Committee, we have noticed her fine efforts in raising donation for the “kids” on her trips to P.C. :smiley:

Getting stronger all the time. :smiley:

welcome sunseeker…captain says its your round :slight_smile:

Another member added today. Welcome Pat. ;D

Hi Pat


Thanks guys! I’ll do what I can to help the cause.


Welcome aboard :sunglasses:

Great to see the Committee growing, welcome Pat!!

Please welcome Bryan from Debbie’s and Banters as our latest member, and head baker for the Fiesta 2008 :wink:

When it comes to baking, Bryan’s your man!

Welcome Bryan…

Hey Captain I thought it was roast pig and not baked pig at Fiesta.