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Beyond The Beach Foundation Committee

Welcome aboard Brian…

Yippeee the more cooks the better. ;D

Looking forward to meeting you.


Welcome aboard Bryan. ;D

Thanks guys. It’ll be great putting faces to names after using this board for so many years.

Now I just have to figure out what it is I’m going to bake…

use your easybake oven LOL

Wouldn’t ya know I just got rid of it. The bulb burnt out on it! :wink:

For sure…
Welcome Bill

J & K

Welcome Bill. ;D

Thanks to all who posted welcoming me to the “Fiesta Committee.”

Well! If you’re gona thank us… I may as well welcome you also!!!

;D :sunglasses: ;D

Please welcome The Ponder (Marc) to the committee, we now have our own photographer. :wink:

Welcome Marc!

Welcome aboard.

Welcome aboard Marc

Welcome Pondy

Thanks all!!!

P.S I’ll make an exception for you guys… one pic $30…if you buy 2…$60. ;D ;D ;D

must be in pesos

Whooo hooo we have a Western Canada (B.C.) committee member now. Please welcome Colleen Misner, previously co-owner of Checkpoint Bar in Sosua.
Colleen intends to make the west aware of BTBCF, maybe a western fiesta one day. ;D ;D

Welcome aboard Colleen. :-*

Way to go Colleen!!

Welcome aboard Colleen. :-*

Hey Colleen - welcome to the Fiesta Committee.

Sure won’t be the same when we are down there in January - no visit to Checkpoint… think of you often. Please say “Hola” to your mom & Princess.