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Bicycle Carries Car




You always think you have seen everything, and then!! Only in the DR, you gotta luv it :D.


Thats a good one, nothing shocks me in the DR anymore!! Thats what I love about the place. :wink:


That is called a “Fix me up” for sure!


I have finally found out where my old dead VW Rabbit has been taken to, the DR for some fun and sun. ;D ;D ;D


Now THAT is something… ;D

Went to Puerto Plata last year. Not uncommon to see Mom, Dad and 2-3 kids riding a small motorbike (the SAME motorbike), like a Honda 175…maybe these bike manufacturers shuold shoot a commercial here, to show how versatile and TOUGH their products are ;D

Or the guy riding a similar small motorbike with a WASHING MACHINE strapped to his back :-/

I’ve figured out the one rule about the locals driving in the D/R…THERE ARE NO RULES!!

And if you don’t have a lane…then MAKE YOUR OWN LANE!! :o :o