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Bicycle tires

Prior to my last trip in January I had noticed that there was a bin of bicycle tires in the Mountain Equipment Co-op’s parking lot.
When I told the manager that I regularly take bikes to Cuba, he said I could help myself to as many tires as I needed. Many of the tires are brand new, as serious cyclist, when buying a bicycle, often replace the tires with ones they prefer.
I took 6 sets of tires. I was able to fit two sets into the bicycle box. Walking through the market in Guardalavaca with a set of tires, many people approached us wanting to buy them. There is a great need for tires in Cuba, so any of you taking bicycles down might want to take additional tires. I might even consider taking a bike box filled with tires next time I go.

For those who find taking bicycle tires a bit daunting, please consider taking bicycle tire repair kits and extra inner tubes.

These weight so much less than things like shampoos and are especially well received by Cubans.

I have brought some tire repair kits down and they get a big reception. Next time I will save them for off the resort, though.