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Bikes for Cuba

Haven’t taken a bike to Cuba for this group but have heard of Jeff Reids endeavors. By the contact area code Jeff works out of GTA.


I don’t know this guy, but the name Jeff Reid is very familiar. I almost think I saw/heard it in Havana with regards to the junior riders bike club that I’m involved with there.

In any case his website looks good and the bikes/gear are distributed properly.

Kudos to him.


Jeff is an awesome guy doing an especially fine job of getting racing bikes to Cuba. He specializes in good quality road bikes for kids in road racing clubs throughout Cuba. I hooked up with him a short while ago and gave him a bike from the abundance of bikes donated to DCF for one of the coaches to get back and forth with.
He is also going to get together with John to arrange for a large amount of shoes and other things to go in the containers.
Certainly a stand up guy doing a lot for Cuban youth , and yes Terry he is well know in that circle.

Thanks, Lenny.


I see that Jeff is a member of the forum and has posted about getting bikes to the Banes school a couple of years ago, nice to see his group is still in operation.


I checked their website and their Facebook page and looks like they delivered many bikes. Many happy faces who received those bikes in Cuba. Love the photos on their Facebook page this one is great:

[img alt=“Biking in Cuba” src=“https://scontent-b-lga.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfa1/t1.0-9/422777_261126253969790_1624837336_n.jpg” style=“max-width:100%;”]