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Bird & animal reserves

Has anyone been to the numerous bird and animal reserves throughout the D.R. lately. I would like to go and just take some pictures of the birds and animals. I would assume it to be safe to go to these reserves as I’m quite sure there are no “Bambi” killers out there shotting these poor defenseless animals. Just want to take some nice pictures of these animals that might become extinct in the near future We will be there the beginning of Feb.

just a question, are there deer in the Dominican Republic???

No deer
The Caribbean in general does not have many land species, and the Dominican Republic is no exception. Most of the mammals you see in the country today - dogs, cats, pigs, boars, horses, rats and mice - were introduced by the Europeans. In fact, there are only two endemic land mammals in Hispaniola. The solenodon is an insectivore not dissimilar to a rat, but more aesthetically pleasing. It has a long snout, lives in caves and hollow tree trunks, and feeds on insects and worms.
The hutia is another small rodent(groundhog like) which, like the solenodon, lives in caves and tree trunks. The chances of spotting either of these animals on your travels are slim: firstly, because they are nocturnal creatures; secondly, because some believe that they might already be extinct.
[The considerable bird population in the Dominican Republic is made up of indigenous species and wintering birds from the North American mainland. Look out for species such as the Hispaniolan parrot, the Hispaniolan woodpecker, the rarer Hispaniolan trogon and Hispaniolan parakeet, the palmchat (which nests in the royal palms on the coastal plains) and several types of owl and pigeon, including the endangered white-crowned pigeon. Around the coast plenty of shorebirds can be seen. Great egrets, American frigate birds, brown pelicans, blue herons, glossy ibis, ruddy ducks and flamingos are all relatively common, especially on the off-shore islands of the Dominican Republic and around the numerous lakes and lagoons on the mainland. In the mountains, there are yet more species such as the Antillean siskin, the white-necked crow, the green-tailed warbler and numerous types of butterfly and hummingbird.

Wud, I hope never to run into either of these creatures!!!

Wud… you forgot to mention toilet rats.

Okay Phil, you got me, what is a toilet rat??? Or do I even want to know.

Don’t know much about the animal reserves but while in POP a few years ago a couple with our group did the Dolphin World trip. She said it was the highlight of her trip.

Now please do not start the pro’s/con’s about the Dolphins…to each their own…

Hey Ash, maybe try Mike Wagner for an answer, he might know.


[quote=@debinatore]Hey Ash, maybe try Mike Wagner for an answer, he might know.

Thank you Debbie for your help in answering my question, I’ll get in touch with Mike. Also a big thank you to Wud as well. I have found two very interesting Reserves/sanctuaries that look promising to go to. By the way I’m sure many people realize that there are no deer in the DR, so I guess people will be not out there hunting these creatures at least.

Ash, when and where are you going?


Debbie I leave tomorrow for Paradisus Palma Real

Enjoy your stay.

Thanks wud and I sure will ;D From what I’ve read and heard there is very little to worry about. Little things that might go wrong have absolutely not concern to me. It will be warm,no snow, plenty to eat and drink so who could ask for anything more