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Birding in Huatalco?

Anyone done any birding in Huatalco? We are thinking of visiting early next year, and would like to do some birding in the area. (Las Brisas?)

Any one hired a guide for birdng, or been on a birding tour?

Any comments would be most welcome.


Two Jugs

We were in Huatulco last March at Las Brisas. The hotel grounds lends itself to lots of birds. They have a board showing all the birds and their names. There is one big bird on the grounds that sounds very annoying. There is also a bird tour available, but I don’t remember where I saw it. You have to remember this area is a gov’t protected eco area and nature abounds. Its is even a wildlife sanctuary reserve area. This is what is appealing about this area. You really can feel like it is not so touristy. There is no Mac’s or Star B’s here or even Wally Mart. That can be good too.

Thanks, Rene. It sounds perfect.