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Looking at going to the Ibostar hacienda dominicus (don’t know if I’ve spelt that right?)

Have a big phobia for birds…what do you think?

The hotel is the Iberostar Hacienda Dominicus. You didn’t do too badly!

How close (or far away) does the bird have to be for you to panic? I hate to break it to you that there are usually a lot of birds at the resorts in this area. I haven’t stayed at the IHD so can’t speak to that property directly but I did stay at the one next door in July and I took lots of pictures of what I thought were wonderful birds. I can’t imagine that they’d respect the boundary line and not nest or fly around the Iberostar. A lot of the hotels are introducing flamingos and peacocks to the grounds and I think the Iberostar has had ducks and flamingos for a long time.

There is a small swallow type bird that nests in the palapas along this coast. They are very cheerful in their song and swoop in and out of the thatching. They do a type of dive that might have it appear that they’re headed right for you but they want less to do with you than you do with them and they’re diverted and in their safe haven before you know it.

I’ve never had a close encounter with any bird that I couldn’t have avoided (like in an aviary or the flamingos) so if that helps, feel free to book and vacation without worry. If you don’t like the sound of birds overhead or the sight of a pelican fishing or a piper walking at the water’s edge, you’re probably better off elsewhere. There’s A LOT of wildlife of many kinds there!


Been there, dont worry about birds, no more of the fly types there than at any other resort in the area, the only birds on the resort are in captivity, either in the big cage in front of building 3 or in the various ponds on the resort, a few hummingbirds in the flower trees to enjoy… It is such a lovely resort, dont let such a small concern stop you from a wonderful vacation, hope you make the right choice…

julief, I feel your pain! I thought I was the only bird phobic person alive!
Don’t worry too much about the birds…I have not been to the south coast, but have been to Puerto Plata twice and to Punta Cana twice. I find that there are a few birds around, but it is tolerable. Enjoy your vacation!!
What I find very hard to deal with, is the birds that hang around open air restaurants, landing on tables etc. I cannot relax and enjoy a meal and then when someone starts feeding them and more show up, my anxiety level skyrockets and I have to get out of there…thank goodness snowplowman understands this. Personally I find the idea of birds around eating establishments extremely unsanitary and unappetizing!

Thanks to everyone.

I think I am going to look into getting some help before I go…sound silly…I know…but the thought of all the birds in the Restaurants makes me want to run for the hills!!

I will take note of the birds outside building 3.

Thanks again…I will let you know what happens.


My sister is afraid of birds, I thought she was the only one she said it was because she watched the movie “The Birds” when she was young, I told her she had issues being the supportive sister I am:)

The reason I’m afraid of bird is for two reasons…firstly…lived in central London… as a child…dad use to take me to Trafalgar Square…all the birds land on you there.
But more importantly a couple of years ago I opened my front door…T-shirt blew up and a bird flew up my top and perched it self between my boobs!!! This is a true story…so hence I’m now frightened of them…do you blame me???..You couldn’t make that one up…could you!

I don’t know where my fear came from. I can only imagine it stems from something in my childhood as I have been phobic for as long as I can remember!

My wife &I always notice the abcence of birds! very few anyplace!

I understand phobias - I have a dreadful fear of heights (yet enjoy a great view!) - and I am a severe arachnaphobe.

I couldn’t imagine a world without birds - but I rescue animals and of the 13 rescues currently living in my home, 7 are birds. It is very true that they are more frightened of humans than humans could ever be of them, not that I’m dissing your fears, but imagine what it would be like to come into contact with a creature as large and clumsy to you as we humans are to birds.

I enjoy their songs, their individual mating rituals - watching bald eagles do a mating dance over the ocean is probably the most amazing wildlife sight I’ve ever experienced. I even enjoy the pre-dawn and dusk aerobatic flights of the local bats because I know they’re eating the mosquitoes!!

Still, the others are correct, the birds probably won’t disturb your holiday. I do hope you have a good time.

Storm :sunglasses:

In my office we often have pigeons flying directly into the windows. They actually make quite a loud thump which startles everyone!

To Julief and anyone with a bird phobia…

Try www.emofree.com , for a technique which is free, can be done yourself (without paying loads to visit a therapist) and which really works. It can eliminate severe phobias in minutes.

It works by you tapping lightly on acupressure points on your face, while you repeat set phrases. Sounds weird, but it’s very successful. Search on YouTube for ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’ for some good videos on how to do the technique.

Hope this helps.


I can’t say I have a phobia of birds but since seeing the movie The BIrds I don’t like them a lot. Especially the big crows and black birds. We have a bird feeder that holds 75 pound of seed. I love to watch the colorful birds and we have a woodpecker that comes around at 5PM daily. BUT I DO UNDERSTAND…I live in a resort area…walking down the boardwalk eating a funnelcake a huge seagull swooped down and took the piece right out of my hand as I was almost to my mouth with it. FREAKED me out…so YES I do believe you Julie…I am sure the bird didn’t want to do it just had a tail wind…