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Birth Certificate & Translations

I have a bride marrying at Bahia Principe San Juan - the wedding coordinator there says they can use the ‘standard’ birth certificate (not long version) - is this true??? I’ve read all resorts are different in their requirements on some forums - she says the credit card sized birth cert just needs to be translated.
Also, I assume the single status declaration must be translated in Spanish as well.

Any help greatly appreciated the wedding is Jan 8, 2010.

returned last month from Puerto plata and checked the papers with a lawyer.
I need my birthcertificate, single status declaration and when you are divorced a declaration of this as well
All 3 documents in spanish and stamped by an autorized translater and a legalisation stamp by the embassy of your country

its okay to have the small birth cert. well it was in 2007 when i got married in puerto plata

How far in advance can you have your paper work translated?

I called the Consulate of DR in Boston this week and they suggested not getting a declaration of single status until 2 months prior the earliest to leaving for your wedding. For example we are getting married in June and she stated that if you get it any earlier then they may deny it because you can get married in between that time. As far as the other paper work, I am not sure I think I read a few weeks prior it has to be faxed over but I could be incorrect about that.

I was told 90 days is the maximum to have your paperwork translated and noterized…

That sounds good to me! Do you know if you have to have your paperwork translated back to English once your back home?

I have been told that the rules for the birth certificate have changed and you need the long version as your b’certificate must show the names of both of your parents.

I will get the long one translated to be safe. Do you know if you have to get your marriage certificate translated back once you get back from your wedding.