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Birthcertificates and 2 pieces of ID


We travel with birth certificates, and ID.
We were at the ticket counter in Montreal, and we were told that now, if you have a birth certificate, you also have to have 2 pieces of Photo ID…
which is okay if you have a drivers license, and a health card ( Ontario has pictures on them)…
but my husband still has an old health card with no picture…
we were delayed while they checked and rechecked, and even phoned Punta Cana to make sure we were going to be allowed into the country!
Crazy thing though, we were also travelling with our two daughters ( 12 and 9)…and they only needed their birth certificates…
one would think they would be more concerned with 2 children , being taken out of the country, identifications…
When we got to PUJ, they barely glanced at our IDs!
Thought I would inform anyone out there about this new rule…
and put “Get Passports” on my list of things to do!!!


They must do things different in dat udder country Montreal! :o :smiley:
To bad government agencies annot be consistent.


a question for understanding:
is it a big problem or very expensive for americans and canadians to get a passport ?

europeans need a passport for traveling outside europe - that’s normal - but it’s no problem to get one and it’s valid for 10 years and worldwide

I think it’s much easier to travel with a passport than with a birth certificate and photoID


Hi Silke,
It is easy enough for us to get passports in Canada…
costs $80 Can., and takes about 5 weeks to get back, and is valid for 5 years.
I agree, it is alot easier to travel with a passport…
but, until now, I have been too lazy to get organized and go downtown … and wait about 3 hours in the passport offices! :wink:


Silke, as Caorline said 5 weeks for passports but if you take all your documentation to a Passport office in Canada wait in line for 3 plus hours they will process in 1 week. We went to Windsor on a Monday and retruned the next Monday to pickup of passports.
Here you cannot renew a passport when it expires you must apply for a new one.


Great country this Canada eh


Actually, it is!


here in germany you can’t renew the passport as well and you must apply for a new one
but the application is very easy here
you only need the old passport and a new photo, the price for the passport is 59 Euro (since 01.11.2005 - before it was 26 Euro, but we have new passports now)
if it’s your first passport you need the ID-Card (= Personalausweis) or birth certificate and a new photo - that’s it
this procedure takes a couple of minutes - if you had to wait in line maximum 1 hour
after 4-5 weeks you’ll get your passport

well, every country is different :wink:


The passport office here in Canada should take lessons from our European friends and do things right for once.


I could never figure out why we have to start all over again. For a renewal all that should be required is the old passport and a new photo. Like everything else in life, there’s a hard way and an easy way. We chose the hard way! Go figure.


I’d think it depends on the office…

I got mine through the local library, which was an authorized passport office/issuer/whatever they call it. Made an appointment, brought my expired passport & other papers & $$. No waiting, took a few weeks to get back. Renewing can be even easier - under the right circumstances, you can do it by mail.

Our adult passports are good for 10 years.


How long ago did you get your passport?

According to Passport Canada’s website …

Children under three years of age: Maximum of 3 years.
Children three to fifteen years of age: Maximum of 5 years.
Adult passport (sixteen years old and over): Maximum of 5 years.

The IP indicates a US address. Ours are only good for 5 years. Bob


American passports are good for 10 years.

I sure wish ours were. I’m just going through the process of getting a new one and I’d pay twice as much to only go through the hassle once every 10 years.


The paperwork is not all that bad but it is the acceptable signature that you are who you say you are—argh!!! Principal. police officer, doctor–in Ontario many of us are relying on walk-in clinics due to shortages —so who do you go to??? You would wish they would accept the expired passport with paperwork argh!!! ::slight_smile:


I know someone who is getting their vet to sign their papers! I guess it’s easier to find a vet than a doctor!! ::slight_smile:



The vet has done mine in the past. Lord knows I’m there more often than to my own doctor lol This year it was our minister.


Sorry, yes, I’m in California. 10 years on ours (at this point, anyway).

But good grief, what’s all this you Canadians have to do about authorized signatures? I take it you can’t prove who you are with ID only?


Yup, there has to be a guarantor! And only certain professionals are accepted.


It is lots of fun getting a passport if you are Canadian. There are only specific professions who can “vouch” for who you are! A college prof can but a high school teacher cannot! Before I retired, it was easier because I worked with engineers who could sign. Last time we went to our dentist ;D

It can be difficult sometimes because, they also have to swear that they have known you for over 5(?) years (not sure of the # - it might be longer!)

Also, we aren’t allowed to smile or show our teeth! I’m always smiling when I’m going on vacation!!


Isn’t there a saying that “if you look like your passport photo, you aren’t fit to travel” or something like that. ::slight_smile: