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I thought I should make an interesting subject line to get your attention.

Yesterday we helped load the container for aid to Cuba. I was absolutely amazed at how much stuff could be jammed into a 40’ container. Every inch (millimeter) was crammed with wheelchairs, clothes, hospital beds, shoes, etc. This is a magnificent thing that must be greeted with joy in the hurricane damaged areas of Cuba. I sure hope that the doors don’t burst open along the Florida coast. ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

I did a quick (but not very pro) video of the entertainment and lunch that was put on for the volunteers:

… Now for the blackmail. I guess you have no idea what some people think might be needed in Cuba ;D ;D :

Hope to see more of you out on Dec. 15th and Dec. 29th



sometimes it is important to know which pictures to stay out of.


I guess he only gave away the things that he had duplicates of.


Really, dude, that color does nothing for your eyes…


i see where the black mail come in, after you wear those outfits you’ll be blackmailing us to not circulate them. haha