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We are heading to PV in a few weeks and wanted to buy some blankets. Can anyone tell me what the price of a good quality blanket is these days and the best place to buy them.

I want to buy the heavy ones, not the cheap ones that are less than $10.

Thanks very much for your help!

hey cubamiga!

I wish I could be of more help since we just returned from PV, but quite honestly, I didn’t pay alot of attention to the blanket vendors since I already have enough Mexican blankets to last a lifetime, however having said that, my husband seems to recall that the beach vendors were starting anywhere between 450 - 800 pesos, depending on the blanket. If your bartering skills are fine tuned :wink: this will determine what you end up paying! Have fun and enjoy PV - its a wonderful city!

Hey ratherbeonthebeach,

I also have more than I need but was thinking of picking up another one this year to take back to some friends in Cuba.

That price sounds about what they were starting at last time I was there, five years ago. I paid nothing near that but I can see I’ll have some tough bargaining to do…

Thanks! We love PV and have been there many times…

We are here right now. The blanket thing is not as big as it used to be. I agree, you need to buy the heavy type. I found the beach vender to be the best price and if you do not see what you like he will send his buddy to you. I know we paid 200 pesos and this was the rock bottom price. They were nice, but when you get home they just don’t seem to add to your decor like you thought they would. Just my opinion…

Thanks for the price update, Rene. That gives me hope. It seems to me the last time I paid about $18.00 US. based on buying 4 blankets. I still love them, as my family room is of a somewhat mexican flavor, and they are great for cold nights. I still have my original blanket that I bougth in Tijuana years ago.