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Blau Costa Verde Beach Resort - After Ike

Hi…has anyone stayed here after Ike hit? Have they recovered?

Since you have not received a reply to your thread perhaps you may want to contact the resort directly and get some first hand information as to the recovery of the resort after Ike.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…

We didn’t stay there, but we picked up some people on the way back to the airport. (Saturday) They said they had a wonderful time and things were great.

we got an email from resort and friends.everything is back to normal at blau costa verde.we are nine going on jan/11

Thanks for the repsonses…I’ve booked for Dec 14th :slight_smile:

:)Have received an email from the blau, they are up and running again, and all is well.
We are booked for the 15th, of december, see you there, we are the two rowdy families with kids, from saskatchewan. Should be a great xmas!