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Blau, Holguin

There…finally we booked. Going to the Blau April 18. Anyone been recently?? We were there about 5 years ago and loved it. It was the Martim then. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers…Raine

We were there last year and it was still a very good resort. If we could go south this year it would be to the Blau.

We were there first week of April last year… great resort… well rum…friendly staff… enjoyed eating outside of the buffet… epecially with the classical quartet playing…
Very nice beach…

Was there in April last year and Dec 3rd. We are returning April 6th - 20th. Great Hotel. 5th Visit

Cubawluv…we’re going on the 18th…see u there! I can’t wait. We are avid snorkelers and the little reef there is just what the Doctor ordered. Small resorts work for us also. I’m wondering about the evening entertainment…last time there, we found it lacking. Hoping it has gotten better with a new hotel management. Anyone know? Cheers…Raine

Last year the evening entertainment was, in my opinion, very good. There was a different theme each night and the performers were some of the best I’ve seen in Cuba.

I also thought the entertainment has gotten better. They had bands from Holguin come in that were very good. Also some fashion shows with local designers. All in all very good.

My friend just came back, said she wasn’t overwhelmed with it but it was okay. Biggest complaint was the food. It was her first time in Cuba so that may have been a factor.

When we were there in Dec the food was not as good, but most of that was hurricane realted. There were no bananas, tomatos, or cabagge/lettuce for the first days on our last day we saw one green tomato. LOL… But we did not go hungry. We also felt lucky to see that tomato as our Cuban friends told us they had not seen any produce fruit/veg since the hurricane.


We are off to the Blau in Holguin too on April 25th for 2 weeks. I have not been there before but from all that I read the place seems rather nice and as I understand it the snorkeling is good there too, even if not as good as in Jibacoa. Still we did manage to get a great deal on the vacation out of Halifax before the price went up again so it is all good. Now all I have to do is to find a new buba mug and get through the waiting until we leave.

BTW I am a caper too but I live in Halifax now…:slight_smile:



I’m soooo excited! A little nervous flying with Air Canada…heard alot of bad stuff, but the sun and the sand will make it all worth it! Did I say I’m excited!!! lol


We are a tad nervous too about flying Air Canada. We had hoped to fly Air Transat using their club class. The upgrade to Club Class gives you a much roomier seat, great food and drinks and baggage priority. Very much worth the $80 each way it cost last year. Of course the upgrade to first class, if available is much costlier so we are making do with steerage this year and bringing our own deli sandwich with some treats.

Still at the end of the day it is a minor issue given the result is 2 weeks on the beach in Cuba…:slight_smile:


Jenn: did you actually ask for the cost of upgrading? Things might have changed since then, but when I travelled with AC Vacations (in 2004 and 2005), the upgrade was 99$ per person, each way. Not much more than Transat’s Club Class and totally worth it, in my opinion!


We did inquire with our TA and were told that to upgrade to first class it would increase the cost of our vacation by almost 50%. Needless to say we were stunned. C’est la vie, so long as they get us back and forth without too much discomfort it will be fine. It is all about the sun and the Daiquiri’s after all EH…:slight_smile: