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Blau Natura Park

We are looking at going to the Blay Natura park at the end of January 2009. Any comments or feedback would be appreciated. What is it like etc. or what should we expect.

BFC is there now, and will be back friday, so Im sure he will give ya his take, unless he ends up by a keyboard before then,

I am suprised Bob didnt hit the keyboard when he was at the fish guy’s place yesterday, of coursse he may have had a greenie in each hand.

I imagine they poured back a few

that’s been exactly the rason,
both hands full of greenies, so no space to hit a keybord, he he.
hey guys,
leave that poor BFC that little piece of relaxation without a computer.
i had one of the laptops with us out on the veranda,
but BFC been not willing to let one of the greenies slip away, lol.

Guilty as charged … ::slight_smile:

and i would name such a good choice, he he
happy holidays

We’ve just returned from the resort. The beach, facilities and the resort grounds are beautiful. They have all the major stuff covered, but it’s the little things that get you. And there were a lot of little things, most of which would be easy for them to fix. For those of you who have booked or are planning on it, we found nothing that would stop us from returning. But there were issues. It’s just that none of them were major. I’m working on my review, photo set and slide show. I hope to have the review and photo set posted by year’s end. The slide show may be a little longer. At the moment I’m kind of buried under some commitments here.

One warning. At the best of times it’s somewhat hard to distinguish the stair step edges. At night, some are poorly (or not) lit and it is very hard to find them. One night my wife thought she had it pegged and ended up taking a tumble. Fortunately she recovered without crashing into the stonework, but did wrench her shoulder and got some ‘pretty’ bruises where she bounced off the handrail.

I talked to at least three other people that tumbled on the same set of stairs. Funny, I seem to recall complaining about the same thing in 2001 and nothing happened. And it would be so easy to fix. Just like most of the other issues …

Review has been sent to Debbie.
Links to photos and video slide show at www.bobfromcanada.com

Hi Bob

Thanks for the pictures and the honest review. I think from what I’ve seen with these pictures and so on that we will need to look at a different resort. Any suggestions would be welcome. Here is a list of some of the resorts we might consider. There will also be a child coming along so adult only is out of the question.
Trip date flexible around last week of January

Barcelo Beach & Caribe
Barcelo Dominican
Ocean Sand
Occ. Grand P. Cana
Grand Palladium
Bahia Principe


Really? I would go back in an instant. Sure, I had some issues, but they were all pretty minor …

Dave, you have alot of choices on your list, including Barcelo Beach&Carib. I’ve been there(BB&C) and to the Natura Park. I would choose Natura Park for return over the Barcelo.


Actually, I thought my review was pretty positive. But I do know that the resorts read the reviews to find out what they are doing right and wrong, so I listed my issues, minor as they were. As I said in the review, this resort could easily be a 4.5 star property with a few very simple changes. I also reported a few maintenance issues with the room (via email) and they already sent me a return email thanking me.
Again, even if they did nothing about any of my concerns, I’d still return. If they do correct the problems noted, it will make a great resort even better. We had a great time and met tons of very nice people.