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Blizzard today...I wanna leave now!

Well…as the newscaster just said…the Island is being “pummeled” right now…schools are on an Island-wide shutdown…snowplows are being taken off the roads due to “zero visibility”

I just received a call…my work is delaying opening until noon at least…maybe the entire day!!

Makes our upcoming vacation even sweeter…ten more sleeeeps!

Ten more sleeps for me too! ;D
Where are you flying out of and where to?

Well, the local forecast isn’t too bad here… but it’ll be a lot warmer for me in just 3 sleeps!!! ;D

[quote=@dargamel]Ten more sleeps for me too! ;D
Where are you flying out of and where to?[/quote]

we’re gonna be ~airported out~ we start in Charlottetown…then Halifax…then Toronto…the Santa Clara, Cuba!!

It’ll be worth it!!

What about you?

wow three sleeps!! I am jealous!!!

I hear ya!!!

I can’t wait for our trip to get away from the weather. For me though, I’m sick of bloody wind. Cold rain & snow is a part of life here this time of year, but the wind for the past 5 months has been nearly incessant.

minus 29 here
7 more weeks
way too many sleeps to count
I am ready for some heat!!!

I’m snowed in here too - so very very depressing. I am not sure of the amount of snow we got but I think 30 cm was in the forecast. I cannot open either my back or basement doors due to the snowdrifts and I cannot see out most of my windows as the heavy snow has stuck to them (never had that happen before).

So, very very depressing! (whoops, I have already said that).

I’m two weeks away from flying to Cuba (out of Fredericton) but February 23 (ie. today) was a date I had considered before I booked for March. There is no way I would have been able to drive to the Fredericton airport for 6 am this morning. I wonder if that flight actually left today (at 8:45 am)?

Anyway, hope nobody misses their trip to Cuba due to today’s storm (or any other storm).

Moncton, Oasis Brisas del Caribe, Varadero

42cm here in Fredericton and more coming.
Worse too, that it’s anywhere from 20cm to 200cm because it’s a blizzard.
A few delays at YFC.

Holy frig! 42 cms??? and I thought 20 cms was bad!

I’ve been trying to see what happened to the Sunwing flight that was due to fly from the Fredericton NB airport early this morning. It actually originated in Halifax NS (7 am flight to Fredericton). As best as I can figure out, the flight sat in Halifax most of the day. This evening it was sent to Saint John NB and it just left Saint John at 11:06 pm heading for Fredericton (now enroute), scheduled to arrive around 11:22 pm. With any luck it will be heading for Holguin before midnight. What a rotten day for those waiting at the Halifax airport (especially if they arrived three hours before the 7 am departure time) and those who made it to the Fredericton airport this morning.


Another update for that Sunwing flight that was meant to leave Fredericton airport yesterday morning (but coudn’t get there due to the amount of snow in Fredericton). It did arrive in Fredericton around 11:30 last night and I believe it left for Holguin at 1:24 am this morning, scheduled to arrive at 4:32 am.

By the time everyone gets to their resort, they will have been up for at least 24 hours.

I was interested to see if the flight was actually cancelled outright or if Sunwing came through and eventually got everyone to Cuba. Since it is a once/week flight (with not many other options for the travellers), I was glad to see that the flight did eventually take place.

I believe Fredericton got 49 cm of snow yesterday, BTW.

Unreal…it’s a shame when we plan a week away…and the weather plays havoc. Good ole Maritime weather…
Keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll be a beautiful sunny day on March 5th!

The overnight forecast looks good for here, and the long range forecast in Cuba looks Great!
ONE MORE SLEEP!!! (and it’ll be a short one… 6:20 a.m. flight!)

Have a wonderful trip, outgunner!