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BlueBay Villas Questions

Hey everyone…

Me and my fiance are headed for a mini vacation to the BlueBay villas from Dec 4th to the 7th. I had a couple of questions about the resort…

I have heard about the locals coming onto the resort on the weekends, and I have generally heard negative things about this… I am not too worried about it, but does this happen at this resort, and is it as bad as I have heard??

Also, I have heard about specifically asking for the Brugal rum, will it cost more at this resort or is it included in the AI?

Since we are only staying for 3 nights, is it likely that we will be able to make reservations at 1 or 2 of the restaurants?? Will they accept reservations now, if I email them, or will I be forced to wait until we arrive and possibly not get one?

Also, can someone give me an idea as to what the price of a bottle of rum is to bring back to Toronto, at the duty free as well as around the resort? Where is the best place to go to buy rum?

Sorry for all the questions, but I am trying to get prepared as this is both of our first trips outside our country!!

Thanks alot!

Hi Jennie

During the 3 times we’ve been to BlueBay we’ve never encountered locals coming to the resort of weekends. BlueBay is a rather small resort and I believe that during December it is going to be running at full capacity.

You can ask specifically for Brugal at the bars and you not be charged extra for it.

You can only book the specialty restaurants when you arrive at the resort. Be sure to do it first thing when you arrive. Go to the Guest Services Desk in the Lobby.

Last time we were in Puerto Plata a bottle of rum was running about $8.

Have fun on your holiday.