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Bobk's weather PP/Sosua/Cabarete


Ok here is a daily weather guess for the area. I live between Sosua and Cabarete.

So here is today’s post:



Wow over 8000 hits on this tread. I am amazed…




10.000 reads! Fantastic.

Almost every day I read your report about who forgot to put on the sunscreen, occasionally a great burger or cigar and of course the weather conditions on the North Coast. I hope you keep on going. For now congratulations and thanks for spicing up the Dominican forum !



11,000 hits. I sit here amazed! Glad so many of you have visited the thread.



Welcome Back.   :slight_smile:


Bob thank you

Well I’m baaaacccckkkkkk and happily so. Got home yesterday late morning on the Montreal Air Canada flight. Arrived to HOT, HOT temps and lots of sun. Had a hot day and a partly cloudy late day and evening with no rain here in the Sosua area.

Today should be a very good day to work the tan lines with lots of sun for most of the day and maybe, not everyone will see it, but maybe an afternoon shower or thunderstorm.

No major storms on the horizon so should be a pretty good week ahead as well.

I did check the on line forecasts the last few days and it shows clouds and rain every day. Glad to see they are still way off base.

Have a great day.



Yesterday was a pretty good day with lots of sun, HOT temps and a few afternoon clouds but no big deal. No rain and still a pretty warm evening.

If you could tolerate yesterday then you will do fine today with another sunny HOT day in store for us. Maybe an afternoon shower but not everyone will see one.

Have a great day



Well the heat of the summer continues. Yesterday HOT, HOT and more HOT. We did have some clouds and blustery winds at about 3PM accompanied by 30 seconds of light rain. It lasted all of 5 minutes total and then back to HOT sun with a beautiful sunset.

Pleasant evening in town last night for dinner and a dessert and drink at a second restaurant. It is great to be back home.

Today again lots of sun and Heat. Much like yesterday and again a slight chance of a brief shower as the day progresses.



A good day yesterday with lots of sun and HOT temps. Some clouds later in the day and by evening cloudy with lots of thunder, amazing lightening and some light showers.

Today will have more clouds than the last few days and more showers around. Not the best of beach days but not a total wash out either.

So enjoy



Wow yesterday’s post went somewhere but not here. Sorry

Anyway yesterday was a beautiful day and a very nice day on Sosua beach. Not many folks about but warm temps, warm water, and cold presidentes. Certainly misses this the last few months. Last night again lots of thunder, unreal lightening and some lite showers.

It looks like we are in a pattern and today is shaping up to be very similar to yesterday. So grab the hats, sunscreen and water and head to the beach.



Great beach day yesterday with lots of sun and hot temps. Some late day clouds but no rain.

Today will be another day to work the tan lines with a sun filled hot day. Remember the sunscreen as you don’t want to be a crispy critter by the end of the day. Maybe a late day shower but don’t bet on it.



Yesterday was another of those routine HOT HOT sunny days and a great day to hit the beach. There was one couple last night at dinner that evidently forgot the sunscreen, not sure how they slept last night as they were cherry red from head to toe.

Today will be another great day to play outside with lots of sun, Hot temps, and only a slight chance of a brief shower later in the day for some of you, but only a very slight chance.

So grab the sunscreen and have a great day.



Not much to say about yesterday. It was a perfect hot, sunny Caribbean day. Just a few clouds about and no rain.

If yesterday was to your liking then you will be fine today as well. We should have a sunny hot day and not much of a chance of rain. So pack the sunscreen and head to the beach.



Again yesterday was perfect beach weather. Sun, HOT temps and a bit of an afternoon breeze. Almost no clouds about. Last night we did have a 60 second shower at about 9PM and that was it.

Today again you should plan on playing outside with lots of sun and continuing HOT temps. You will need your sunscreen, hats close by for today.



It was a great day up till about 3PM with lots of sun and HOT temps, then a small system blew up right over us and we had strong winds, clouds, thunder and a pretty good soaking 1 hour rain. Over by dinner time and a pleasant cool evening. The gardens were happy.

Today I think we are done with the showers and it should be a bright sunny, warm beach day. So make up for any lost tan line time from yesterday.



Beautiful, sunny, HOT beach day with some relief with some clouds late in the day. No rain and a very pleasant evening.

Today there will be more clouds about and probably a shower or two later on. Not the best of beach days but you should still get in some quality tanning time. Less clouds tomorrow so beach for me in Sosua tomorrow.



Yesterday a hazy morning and mostly cloudy afternoon. No rain but HUMID, almost oppressive humidity. Lots of thunder and lightening last night but again no rain.

Today will be better. Lost more sun but still some clouds around and I would not be surprised by a late day shower. Still lots of beach time. So grab sunscreen and work the tan lines.



Sorry about the delay today but had a bit of an emergency this morning.

Anyway today is turning out to be a hot, humid hazy day. Good beach and water weather. Maybe a shower later on but not for everyone.




A hazy, sunny humid day yesterday. Not a bad day overall.

Today again lots of sun, some haze, humid and HOT. A good day to be a beach potato. So grab the sunscreen and get those buns toasting.



A nice sunny, hot, hazy beach day with some welcome clouds later in the afternoon. No rain just a bit of cooling which was ok.

Today again a good day to play outside. I do hope the online forecasts are keeping up their good record of daily rain. They need to be right soon as we could use some moisture.