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Bobk's weather PP/Sosua/Cabarete


Yesterday sunny and HOT, we did have some late afternoon clouds but no rain just a bit of a relief from the heat. Last night I broke down and turned on the AC for the first time

Today more of the same. Sosua beach for me today. Remember the sunscreen



It was a beautiful day on Sosua beach yesterday. Lots of sun, HOT temps. Lots of locals and tourists enjoying the water to cool off. We did have some clouds late with NO rain but it did cool things off a bit. Great dinner on Cabarete beach with friends and a live concert by Tony Jefferson (international Jazz singer).

Today it will be even hotter and basically NO chance of rain. Maybe some clouds late to cool thins of again but a great day to work the tan lines…With LOTS of sunscreen



It was hot enough yesterday to fry an egg on the sidewalk. Sunny skies with hardly a cloud around. Mid afternoon temp 35C (95F) and heat index (what it actually feels like) was 44.4C (112F). Certainly hot enough for me!

Today looks like a repeat. So make sure you are hydrated, spend some time in the shade cooling off, wear a hat, lots of sunscreen and enjoy the day!

Oh and HAPPY FATHER’S DAY for those dads here in the DR. ( it is Father’s Day here today)



Yesterday HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT but some afternoon clouds for about an hour and 35seconds of light rain the HOT once again.

Today HOT HOT HOT HOT and probably zero rain. Not that yesterday’s rain did anything but make the gournd damp for a few minutes.

So sunscreen, hats, water and enjoy the beach!


If you like HOT sunny weather then yesterday was a perfect day for you.

Today more of the same with hot temps, very few clouds, no rain and the need for water, hats and sunscreen. Sosua beach for me today!



beautiful day on the beach in Sosua yesterday. Lots of sun, hot temps and an afternoon breeze.

Today more of the same. Not much change in the last few weeks or in the near future as well.

Enjoy your day



Guess what weather was like yesterday…yes sunny and HOT and NO rain.

Guess what today’s weather will be…yes sunny and HOT and NO rain.

Sounds like we are in a rut. Everything is soooo brown we need rain badly. In fact there are some reports that Santiago and Santo Domingo will be out of water in 35 days, actually 34 as of today.

Sosua beach for me today to escape the heat.



Nothing new to report.
Yesterday sunny and HOT great day on Sosua beach
Today will be sunny and HOT. Great day for the beach.

Maybe, just maybe by Tuesday or Wednesday we may just may get some rain. Fingers crossed



So once again yesterday HOT and sunny and NO rain

Today same thing, seems to be a pattern.

Great street festival last night in Sosua with lots of food, music and lots of folks having a good time. It will be there today and tomorrow as well.



Well my hopes were up yesterday afternoon then dashed. We had another in a long string (2 months or more) of sun and HOT temps. But at about 4pm clouds rolled in with wind and distant thunder…maybe a rain shower…NO such luck. An hour later the sun was out for a beautiful sunset.

Today yep you guessed it…Sun and HOT temps. So another day for toasting those buns but do slather them up with lot of Sunscreen !!!



Great day yesterday with lots of sun and HOT temps (34C). Great day for a pool party for our “adopted” daughters (our house keepers kids) and their friend. Lots of time playing in the pool and the a BBQ.

At midnight I was awakened by “rain drops falling on my head” as we had a brief (5 min ) moderate shower. I am sure the gardens are smiling this morning. It was a drop in the bucket and we need so much more.

Today like yesterday Sunny and HOT so grab the sunscreen



Ok better late than never. I had to leave very early this morning for an appointment. Anyway yesterday some old stuff…Sunny and hot

Today sunny and hot. Now at 1;30 or so it is 91F and heat index of 103F. So it will be a warm afternoon. Don’t forget the sunscreen and a bottle or two of water.



Put another sunny hot day in the books for yesterday.

Today is starting out with a very nice surprise. We have had a couple of brief rain showers while on our morning walk. Very refreshing. And after another sunny hot day just maybe another shower late in the day.

Grab the sunscreen as you are going to need it.



We need two dozen perfect days like yesterday. Started off with some light brief rain showers in the early morning (made our walk so enjoyable) then a hot sunny day and late last night, around midnight, again some showers but a bit more substantial.

This morning there is a strange greenish hue on the grass and the flowers and veggies are all smiles. We will have another great day of sun and HOT temps. And just maybe again some showers overnight…at least all of us here hope so.

Off to Sosua beach for me today!



It was a beautiful day on the beach in Sosua yesterday. Lots of sun, warm temps and cold beer. Who could as for anything more.

Today will be a repeat with sun, warm to HOT temps and not much chance of any rain. So you will need lot of sunscreen, water, hats and get to work on the tan lines!



Late report this morning but it really does not make much of a difference. Yesterday HOT, sunny and no rain

Today Hot sunny and no rain. Current temp at 11am is 92 and heat index is 102F. And we are not in the hottest part of the day yet. So make sure you have sunscreen, hats and lots of water.



After another sunny and HOT day yesterday, we actually had some clouds, lightening over night but NO rain. Most rivers in the area are now dry and many places in Puerto Plata have run out of water.

Today no break in the weather. Another day of sun and HOT temps. So sunscreen is a must.

Enjoy the beaches



Well it looks like the folks in Puerto Plata may have gotten a rain shower late in the day yesterday but here in Sosua…nada, nothing, zilch. Just another hot day in paradise.

Today you guessed it… HOT and sunny. So another day of bun toasting is in store for you.



No real change Hot and sunny yesterday.

Today is going to be the same so grab the sunscreen and get to work on the tan lines. Sosua beach for me!!



Beautiful sunny and HOT day on the beach in Sosua yesterday. No clouds and no rain. Lobsters must be in season as last night we saw at least a half dozen of all sizes walking around town…SUNSCREEN FOLKS!

This morning I was awakened by a rain shower! Yep lasted just under a half a minute and I am not sure it even got the ground wet. So the severe drought continues…

Today more sun and more heat. So lather up and enjoy!