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Bobk's weather PP/Sosua/Cabarete


Ok running out of things to say. Yesterday…Sunny and HOT

Today sunny and a tad hotter.

Tomorrow will be my last post till Sept 1 as we are taking a vacation. I will keep an eye out for any major storms and post if something pops up. Other wise have a great end of August and pray for a bit of rain for us



Have a great vacation.
Wish we could share some of our rain with you, but it doesn’t work that way . . .
Thanks for your contributions. :slight_smile:


So same old stuff. Yesterday HOT and today HOTTER. So lots of sunscreen and water.

On another note this will be my last weather post for a couple of weeks as we are on vacation and out of the DR for 14 days. I will continue to monitor the maps and such and if a major storm is in the works I will post that. Otherwise as the Mamas and Papas said…"see you in September. (for those of you old enough to remember the Mamas and Papas.



Bob thank you. We are looking forward to getting away for a bit.



Danny becomes the first hurricane of the 2015 season and it seems headed your way. Long range predictions put it just off the east end of the country next Tuesday morning. Yeah, I know a lot can happen in 5 days, but maybe it will provide some much needed relief from the current drought conditions.


Though I am currently in Serbia on holiday I am keeping track of now Tropical Storm Danny.

Currently it looks like it will basically pass over our region very early Wednesday morning as a Tropical Depression and we are hoping for lots of rain, and just moderate breezes.

Starting sometime Tuesday night till sometime late on Wednesday we should have rain (heavy at times) and some breezes. Just what the doctor ordered for our current drought conditions. The gardens are smiling and it should really only effect on day of your holidays.

If anything changed I will post again. If it remains the same plan on some indoor activities on Wednesday.



Well it looks like we have dodged another one, but one we wanted. Danny is now tracking well to our south so probably just some clouds and maybe a shower or two but not a big deal and I would not be surprised if there is no effect at all on the north coast. So enjoy your vacations.



Ok Danny was a bust for us and now we have Erika.

It looks like she will pass to our north but hopefully close enough to give us some showers (maybe some heavy) Friday late in the day. Fingers crossed and she should be out of here some time Saturday so not a big deal but maybe some much needed rain

If anything changes I will post again otherwise normal postings daily starting Monday!



OK here we go. So Erika has changed course again and now looks like a direct hit on us as a tropical storm with 40-45MPH winds and 8 inches of rain or more. This should all start Friday afternoon sometime and continue through Saturday. So do not be surprised if flights are canceled Friday and Saturday morning.

If you are here your hotel has plenty of experience dealing with this so you all should be just fine. I will post tomorrow with an update.



Let’s hope you get the rain you need, with no flooding (8" is a lot of rain) and no significant damage.


We are baaaaacccckkkk and had a great time and missed the no show event of the year (Erika), at least in our area. Landed late yesterday to sun and heat. So good to be home!

Today again you will have to put up with Sunny skies, hot temps and not much of a chance or rain. So lots of sunscreen, hats, water and get to work on the tan lines.

Have a great day!



Back to the same old same old. Seems like I never left. Yesterday was hot and sunny. Mid afternoon temp was 34.4 (94F) and heat index with the humidity was 44.4 (107F)

Today looks pretty much the same but maybe a degree or two hotter. Not much of a chance of rain. So grab the sunscreen and head to the water. Sosua beach for me today !!!



Sadly nothing new to report. Yesterday sunny and HOT HOT HOT. Sosua beach was a great place to be yesterday

Today sunny and HOT, HOT, HOT. So keep hydrated and stay in the shade some.



Another sunny and HOT day yesterday. Then in the early evening some very dark and interesting clouds rolled in. Or hopes were dashed when the “rain” shower began I counted 22 rain drops but my wife corrected me in that there were actually 28 rain drops. So much for our high hopes.

Today sunny and HOT once again with almost NO chance of any rain drops at al.



Put another HOT one in the books for yesterday. Lots of sun, HOT temps, and almost NO clouds.

Today will be a repeat of yesterday but maybe a bit HOTTER if that is possible. No rain in the immediate future. So off to Sosua beach for me today!



Lobster must be back in season because there were three lobsters eating dinner next to us last night. Wow I cannot remember when I saw 3 people so red. PLEASE remember the sunscreen.

Yesterday HOT and sunny. Not a cloud around. A good day on Sosua beach for sure.

Today you guessed it…Sunny and HOT and no relief in sight. So hats, water and LOTS of sunscreen. Remember putting on SPF 15 twice does not five you SPF 30 protection.



Oh well nothing different to report. Yesterday Sunny and HOT and today will be a repeat so lots of sunscreen, water, hats, shade and enjoy the beaches

There is a TS, Grace, off the coast of Africa. We are watching it as there is a chance at this point that it will be in our area in 8 days or so. It currently looks like (and these predictions a week off are iffy at best) it will pass to our south but close enough to give us a good soaking. Boy we hope so. So fingers crossed and I will up date this as the week progresses. Currently there is NO HURRICANE, OR TROPICAL STORM, in our are or our immediate future. Just sun and HOT temps.



What can I say other than yesterday may have turned out to be a bit cooler, if that is possible, than today. Yesterday mid day heat index was 43C or 110F. Not a cloud in the sky.

Today the same but maybe a tad warmer…yikes!

Grace looks currently like it will pass well to our south so maybe not even any rain from this system. It should pass us sometime late Sunday.



Same old report. Nothing new.
Yesterday HOT and sunny with NO rain
Today Hot and Sunny with NO rain
Off to Sosua beach for me!



After another scorcher yesterday, it was even hot at the beach, I had a surprise at midnight. To quote a very good oldie I had “raindrops falling on my hear”. Yes we had a 5 min rain shower last night and the rain came in the window to wake me up. Sadly it was only 5 min and not much rain but these days we will take what we can.

Today back to the sweltering heat with not much of a chance of a shower.

Tropical Storm Grace, now a depression and no longer a storm, will once again be a no show here. If we are lucky, very lucky, we may get a light shower on Saturday afternoon but not hanging my hat on it as she will pass over 170 miles to our south. Soooo looking for the next one!