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Bobk's weather PP/Sosua/Cabarete


Well Grace is officially dead! She is of absolutely no threat to us and we probably wont even see a rain shower from her.

So same old forecast. Another sunny and HOT day for us today. You will need lots of sunscreen.




Nothing new to report. Another HOT and sunny day yesterday and the same is on tap for today. So for me …off to Sosua beach



Beautiful day on the beach yesterday in Sosua. But very HOT.

Today again lots of Sun and HOT HOT HOT. However maybe a bit of hope for later today or tonight as what I left of Tropical Storm Grace will be passig to our south and bit closer than originally thought and there is just a slight chance (but we will take it) of some showers late in day or overnight. I am not going to the bank with it but just hopeful at this point.



Well all of those thoughts about maybe some nighttime rain were actually just wishful thinking. Another day or sun and HOT temps yesterday with a nice afternoon breeze.

Today what can I say but grab the sunscreen, water and hats and get those buns toasting. It will be one more day in a string of months of days of sun and HOT temps. Chance of rain…basically ZERO

Have a great Sunday!


Sorry for the late post but slept in this morning as it was so nice and cool for a change with a nice morning breeze

Yesterday actually turned out to have more clouds than sun which was nice as it kept the heat down and we even had some brief rain showers. We got about 0.01inces of rain here on the hill which is not much but more than we have had in the last 3 weeks or so.

Today we are back to sun and hot temps with a nice breeze. Probably not has hot as the past week but still plenty warm. So sunscreen and the beach are in order for today.



Sorry about missing yesterday but got a late start and never turned on the computer…actually kind of nice not being on yesterday.

So nothing new on the weather other than we did have a 90 second shower late at night two days ago and a 45 second one for some last night. Other wise two HOT and sunny days.

Today should be no different but looking at the maps just maybe some later day rain showers but not betting the farm on it. So grab the sunscreen and get working on the tan lines.

Have a great day



A pretty good day yesterday with lot of sun and warm temps. The clouds did roll in around 4PM with the threat of rain. Many places did get some showers but here on the hill not a drop.

Today we will see lots of clouds this morning. Maybe a shower??? Things should improve as the day goes on with more sun by afternoon. So enjoy



Yesterday turned out to be a mostly cloudy, muggy day with NO RAIN. I mean come on if we are going to have a day of clouds at least give us some rain.

Today still some clouds around but sun is making it’s appearance and we should have a mostly sunny day. So after a day break get to work on the tan lines.



After a sunny and hot morning the clouds rolled in at around 2:30PM and we actually had some rain. Not very much here on the hill but some places in the area got a good shower or two. Lots of thunder and wind but not much water

Today is looking like a good bun toasting day with lots of sun and heat. So grab the sunscreen and enjoy the beaches.



So we are back into the same pattern of hot temps and no rain. Yesterday HOT and sunny with hardly a cloud around.

Today a repeat but maybe a degree or two hotter with lots of sun. So you will need lots of sunscreen, hats and water today. Enjoy your Sunday



Ok broken record time. I should just put these posts on auto pilot.

Yesterday… Hot and sunny

Today… Hot and sunny




This may be my last post for a bit as I leave tomorrow morning early to head back to the States to help with my Mom for a bit. I will keep an eye on things from afar and post if any major changes (storms) are going to effect us. If I get up early enough I will try and post tomorrow but not promising. In any event I will be back on Oct 4th and will begin my regular posts then.

In the mean time nothing is changing. We continue to have very HOT and sunny conditions with NO rain at all. So again today HOT temps and you will need the sunscreen. So enjoy



Have a good trip. Looking forward to your return on Oct 4.


Bob thanks.



Ok did get up early on this first day of fall. Can the slightly cooler temps of winter be far behind???

Another sunny hot day is in store for us. So sunscreen, hats and water will all be needed today.

Enjoy and see you next weekend.




After a way too much time in the US I am back home. Arrived yesterday to sunny skies and HOT temps. Just like when I left over 2 weeks ago. Not much has changed other than the grass is even browner if that is possible. We had probably a total of 15 min of rain since I was gone.

Today the trend continues with sunny skies and HOT temps. So lots of sunscreen and head to the water. Enjoy you Sunday!



Well yes it is as if I was not gone for 2.5 weeks.

Yesterday HOT, sunny and No rain.

Today HOT, sunny and no rain :frowning:

So lots of sunscreen, water and a hat are in order for today.



This is getting like a broken record.

Our heat and NO rain continues. So once again today HOT and sunny with almost no chance of any rain.

Sosua beach (finally after a three week absence) for me today



Yesterday was a beautiful day on the beach in Sosua but HOTTER than blazes. Just sun and not much in the way of clouds. I even got a bit dehydrated in the sun.

Today a carbon copy. So sunscreen, hats and WATER



I should go on vacation and not bother posting the weather… it is the same day in and day out.

Yesterday sunny and very HOT

Today sunny and very HOT…