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Bobk's weather PP/Sosua/Cabarete


Well no rain for at least the next few days.

Yesterday same old stuff. HOT and sunny

Today…yep Sunny and HOT.

PLEASE do not forget lots of sunscreen. Last night a very pretty young lobster was eating at the table next to us. It has been a long time since I had seen anyone so red. Not sure how she slept last night other than standing up.



Again yesterday just sun and heat.

Today will be a repeat with HOT temps and sun and very little cloud cover and no real chance of rain.

Maybe something cooking for early next week which may give us some showers but I don’t see and “rainouts” but any rain will be welcome.

So for the time being keep the hats and sunscreen handy



So things may actually be changing a bit. Last night once again we had a “dry” thunderstorm. Lots of wind, noise, lightening and NO RAIN at all.

During the day once again SUN and HEAT!

Today we will start out with sun and heat once again but and a big BUT this afternoon we should see some clouds and a pretty good chance of some showers. Our fingers are crossed.

In fact there are a series of small disturbances approaching that just may give us the chance of afternoon of evening showers over the next several days. If this happens even half the time we and the gardens will be dancing for joy.

In the mean time you will still have lots of time for working the tan lines so no worries there.

Have a great Sunday.



Once again our hopes were dashed! Yesterday lots of sun some very HOT temps and NO RAIN or even a hint of rain. Some clouds late in the day but not much.

Today once again I have hopes for some afternoon showers but still it will be another day for toasting your buns with lots of sun and again HOT temps. Once again a chance of a late day shower but I am not holding my breath in anticipation.

Have a great day



The weather Gods must really be upset with us here on the north coast. Yesterday even weather under ground predicted 100% chance of showers last night and we got…ZERO rain. See don’t believe the online forecasts.

So today again Sunny and HOT and fingers crossed for some afternoon showers.

Have a great day




Yes, yesterday evening (5PM or so) we gad a good old fashioned belly washer. With lots of thunder, lightening and LOTS OF RAIN. A good soaking. Just what the gardens needed. It could do this every day for a month and it would not be enough. The good part was that by 8pm or so it was all gone and a nice cool evening. The Gardens are dancing this morning.

Today after some morning clouds we will end up with a pretty good day. Lots of sun warm temps and lots of time for working the tan lines. Maybe (crossing my fingers) another evening shower.




Yesterday some clouds in the morning then sun and HOT temps. In the evening lots of thunder, lightening and NO RAIN once again.

Today should be sunny and HOT and jus the chance of a late day shower, but the way things are going here lately I would not count on it.

Have a great day



Yesterday by mid day some clouds and a very brief shower. Then sun returns only to have a bit heavier shower in the evening. For us “starving” for rain it was a perfect day !

Today more sun but again a chance (we hope) for a late day or evening shower. You will have plenty of time today to work the tan lines so don’t worry.



Put yesterday down as another perfect Caribbean day with lots of sun and very warm temps. A few scattered clouds around but no hint of rain.

This morning we are waking up to some very nice rain showers which are ending and the sky is clearing so another great day to play outside with lot so sun and HOT temps.




A beautiful day yesterday with lots of sun and warm temps. Not as hot as it has been recently and no rain. However we did have a brief 5 min shower around 7:30 then a cool night. Great for sleeping. Lots of folks about last night and some great live rock and roll at the Jolly Rodger in Sosua last night.

Today again sun and warm temps. Perfect day to work the tan lines and once again a slight chance of a late day or evening shower…It this happens it will be another perfect day.



It seems the heat has broken. The last couple of days the temps have been more seasonal, and this morning a bit cool even.

Yesterday…sun and warm temps

Today… sun and warm temps

Have a great day



Yesterday lots of sun then clouds mid afternoon with some thunder. We did finally get some rain showers at about 5Pm and some were actually heavy. A great soaking for the gardens.

Today should again see sun and less of a chance of showers later but still a chance. Should be a good beach day and I am heading to Sosua beach for the day.




Beautiful day yesterday with sun and warm temps. Ocean waves a bit rough but a nice day on the beach

Today should be a repeat with sun and warm temps. Not much of a chance of rain.

Night are starting to cool down and last night did not even have a fan on. Just the breeze through the window.



Bobk has run away to the mountains and rivers of Jarabacoa for a couple of days so there won’t be any weather posts here til Saturday.

Sorry, but you should have nice sunny warm days.


Sorry forgot to tell you guys we were escaping for a couple of days.

We are back after a couple of days in the cool mountains of Jarabacoa. Wonderful place to visit.

We came back to sunny skies and warm temps.

Today again lots of sun, warm temps and not much of a chance of rain. So grab the sunscreen, hats, water and get to work on the tan lines.




Yesterday was the perfect day. Lots of sun and warm temps. Great beach day. Then last night at about 9Pm the showers rolled in and over the next few hours we had some terrific rains (about .75 inches).

Now this morning the sun is back and it should be pretty much a repeat of yesterday with lot of sun, great bun toasting weather and just maybe some overnight showers again…perfect.



We did have a late morning shower yesterday but overall another great day to be on vacation.

Some showers over night as well…so good for the gardens.

Today more sun, warmer temps and only a slight chance of a evening shower. So grab the sunscreen!



Another perfect day yesterday. A morning shower, then a sunny hot day with a shower around midnight to cap it off.

Today again lots of sun, a chance of a shower but not for everyone and warm temps.

Off to Sosua beach for me!!!



We seem to be in a pattern of Sun then a mid morning shower (had a great heavy shower at about (9:30 for about 20 min) then a sunny rest of the day. Some clouds late and even a second shower here around midnight.

Today looks like a repeat so sunscreen, hats and water. Enjoy the outdoors.



Same old song yesterday. Sunny morning. Then our 10AM heavy 20 min shower followed by a sunny, hot day. Again a rain shower around 11PM. Actually a perfect day.

Today I think the string may be broken as is suspect no morning shower :frowning: but still a slight chance of a late day or evening shower. No big deal. It will be a sunny and HOT day and a good to work the tan lines.