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Bobk's weather PP/Sosua/Cabarete


Yesterday actually turned into a nice mid day and afternoon with lots of sun and warm temps. Again over night some heavy showers and a still the situation at sunrise today.

Today more clouds especially in the morning and showers off and on. However we may get some tanning time in this afternoon. Kind of a mixed day…but it sure beats shoveling snow!!



Sorry but really late today. By the time I got back from my morning walk (5.5 miles this morning) it was time to get my day started. Any up to now (1:20 local time) we have had a terrific day with lots of sun a scattering of clouds, nice breeze and warm temps. Could not ask for more.

Maybe a shower later on but not a big deal. So enjoy playing outside.



Ok another late one. Just seem to have a problem getting on line these mornings.

Anyway yesterday was another pretty day with lots of sun and warm temps.

Today again sun, scattered clouds, warm temps and a nice breeze. Sounds like time for a book on the terrace and probably a nap… Have a great day



Another great day yesterday with sun, warm temps and a nice breeze.

This morning we are starting off with showers just before dawn. We are gong to have off and on showers for the next few hours but we should see a good amount of sun by mid morning. So hang in there and keep the sunscreen handy.



Nice day again yesterday with sun and warm temps. We did here in the Sosua area have a 45 second rain shower at noon…

Last night some heavy rains late.

This morning still some heavy showers in the area but it should get better later this morning with lots of sun to enjoy

Merry Christmas everyone.



Yesterday turned out to be more clouds and rain than sun but still some good amount of sun during the afternoon.

Today again as the system is in the area and currently “parked” we will have some sun, some clouds and some showers (some maybe heavy) off and on during the day. Not the best of beach days but a good day to get out and explore.

It could be worse. At my old house in Colorado currently at 7am (4am their time) it is 2F and snowing.

Have a great day



Well if you liked yesterday you are going to love today :frowning:

Yesterday lots more clouds than sun and some pretty heavy showers off and on all day and evening. Overnight as well.

Today not much has changed so again more clouds than sun (still hoping for a bit of sun later on) and showers again some heavy. So a good day for a bottle of wine, a good book or a movie.

Have a great day!



Yesterday turned in to a very pleasant surprise. After a morning of clouds and showers the sun came out late morning and we had a beautiful sunny warm afternoon.

Today lots of sun about and you should have a good day to work on those tan lines. Maybe a brief shower but not for everyone.



If your tan lines need working on then today will be a good day to do that with lots of sun and warm temp. Certainly beats the cold and snow back home :slight_smile:



We had a very nice day yesterday. There were a couple of brief morning showers but a basically sunny warm day. Perfect for laying about.

Overnight some showers late

Today should once again be a good day for hitting the beach. Again maybe a brief shower or two but no big deal. So grab the sunscreen, hats, water bottle and enjoy your day.



A very nice day yesterday with lots of sun, some clouds and a nice breeze. Late last night, 10 pm or so, we did have some showers and they continued off and on all night. It made watching some terrific fireworks on the various beaches a bit difficult but still awesome displays.

Today we are starting off with showers but should see the sun by mid morning and then a nice day to relax by the pool or beach and “dry out”. Hope all had a good New Year’s celebration last night.



We started off the new year with a morning of sun, clouds, showers and an afternoon of sun and warm temps.

Today it will be a day of just sun and warm temps. Have a great day



A beautiful day yesterday with sun and warm temps. Nice cool evening making great sleeping weather…

Today will be beautifuller (not sure it is a word) with blazing sun, warm bordering on HOT temps and not much of a chance of a shower. Great day to toast the buns. So grab the sunscreen and enjoy the outdoors.



Yesterday in one word…a stunner. Perfect day with sunny skies, and hot temps. Oh and made even better with a Denver Bronco win :slight_smile:

Today pretty much the same but just maybe an afternoon shower but don’t count on it. So lots of sunscreen and water for today.



Sorry again for the late post. These two hour power walks in the morning are eating away at my day. But my heart appreciates it :slight_smile:

Anyway not much to report as yesterday was a picture perfect day with sun and hot temps. Not much different today so far again with sunny skies and very warm temps. So enjoy the rest of your day.



Yep Late once again but did get a great 6.2 mile walk in this morning.

So same old same old with the weather yesterday and today…Sunny, HOT and a nice afternoon breeze. Those tan lines should be pretty clear these days.



Ok we are in a rut and a much better rut than a month ago.

Again yesterday it was sunny and bordering on HOT.

Today more of the same with sun and warm temps. A great day to spend on the beach or pool. So lots of sunscreen and enjoy your day.



This is the “late” BObK once again. This daily living is starting to get in the way of my free time :slight_smile:

Anyway we are once again in the middle of a great island day (as was yesterday) with lots of sun , a scattering of clouds and warm temps. So another day to have to go to the beach or pool.

Have a great one!



Yes late again but NOTHING is changing. We continue to have day after day of sunny skies, warm temps and afternoon breeze. We actually are going to need some rain soon.

So for today grab the sunscreen !!!



What a beautiful clear, cool morning (20C or 68F). Great sleeping night. Not a cloud in the sky. After a great day yesterday we will have a repeat today. A good day to get those buns toasted but do slather them up with sunscreen first. For the first time in a while we shared our restaurant last night with a family of very well done, red lobsters. No sleep for them last night :slight_smile:

Have a great Sunday