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Bobk's weather PP/Sosua/Cabarete


Ok sorry about missing yesterday but not really any changes. We had a day sun with some clouds and a brief morning shower but overall a great day to play outside.
Today again a good day for outdoor activities with some high clouds around but lot so sun and warm temps. So grab the sunscreen and enjoy the day.

I will be traveling to the US for the next two weeks and believe it or not will have NO internet access for the first week. So NO posts for me for a couple of weeks.

So “all you all” (Tennessee, where I am heading, speak) have a great time here in the DR, use lots of sunscreen and be careful.



Hope you have a great time in the US bobk.


Enjoy :slight_smile:


Ok I am back from the frozen and snowy north. I knew there was a reason I moved from there.

I got back yesterday afternoon to partly sunny skies and some showers around but if certainly beat the cold and snow I had for the last 3 days.

From this point on this thread will more than likely be updated late morning or some time in the afternoon. My new health kit (Pat bought me a Fit-Bit) has me walking 6 miles in the early morning so hard to get to the computer as well.

Today has been lots more sun than clouds but still we did have some early morning light showers nad maybe another one later today. Still all in all a good day to be outside.

Tomorrow should be lots more sun than clouds and a good day to hit the beach. I certainly will be as Sosua beach is calling my name.

Have great day everyone and it is so good to be home!!!



Pretty day yesterday.

Today should have lots of sun and warmer temps. Off to Sosua beach for me!



A picture perfect beach day yesterday. We had cloudless skies, warm temps and a nice afternoon breeze. Could not be better and the beach in sosua was pretty crowded.

Today lots of high clouds around but still some sun and just maybe a chance of a shower later but all in all not a bad day to play outside.



Another great beach day yesterday but a bit hazy. Great dinner on the beach last night with friends at Velero (Victor’s restaurant). Evenings are so enjoyable with cool temps and light breezes.

Today a lite shower before dawn but again we should have a nice sunny/hazy day. So grab the sunscreen and enjoy playing outside.



After a few nice morning showers we had a perfect day with lots of sun, very few clouds, warm temps, nice afternoon breeze and a cool night. You can’t ask for anything more.

So today will be a repeat of yesterday except no morning showers. Sunny and warm. So enjoy the beach or pool today. LOTS OF SUNSCREEN!!



Another nice day for yesterday with sun and warm temps.

Today again lots of sun and a mix of clouds on and off and warm temps. Good day to hang out on the beach or by the pool. Maybe a shower late but once again not for everyone.

Have a great day



Ok I promise to try and get better at this. Again sorry for being so late.

But we have had two great days in a row with lots of sun, a smattering of clouds and warm temps. I think a fair chance of a shower for some of us later on this afternoon.

Tomorrow should be a repeat and Sosua beach for me!



Yesterday again was a great day to be at the beach. We did have a 30 second shower at 5PM or so

Today again will have lots of sun and warm temps. Again maybe a light shower for some late in the day but not a big deal. A good day to work the tan lines. Remember the sunscreen and lots of water. Off to Sosua beach for me!



A absolutely beautiful beach day yesterday with lot so sun (we did have about 20 min of clouds mid afternoon and then back to full sun) and warm temps. We did have a 20 second shower last evening as well.

Today again will be a good day to get those buns in the sun with sun and warm temps. So get out and enjoy!



Another good day yesterday and even a bit cooler than this past week. Lots of sun, scattering of clouds and a nice afternoon breeze. Late last night a nice 15 min shower and cool temps as well (68F the morning).

We had dinner on the beach in Sosua last night at Big D’s. Yes he was back and is serving the best ribs in town. He will only be there today and tomorrow for a Super Bowl party.

Today will be another of those lazy beach days with sun, warm temps and a scattering of clouds. Maybe a shower late but don’t count on it.

Have a great pre Super Bowl Saturday…Go Broncos!



And the beat goes on. Again a goo day to play outside yesterday with lots of sun and warm temps.

No big changes for the next couple of days with sun and warm temps. So get to work on the tan lines! Remember the sunscreen!

Go Broncos!!!



I know I am late again today. I was up very late watching my Broncos destroy those Panthers. However you did not miss much weather wise as it has been the same for the last week or so. Sunny warm days and cool evenings. All in all…Perfect weather.

So not much change for today either. Enjoy!



We had another good one yesterday with sun and warm temps. Some late day clouds but no rain.

Today again you will be able to work the tan lines with lots of sun about. I think a better chance of a late day tropical shower today but again not for everyone,

Have a great day.

How about them Broncos :slight_smile:



Great day yesterday with sun and almost HOT temps. Some heavy rain showers during the evening.

Today again a good day to play outside with a good chance of some late day showers.

There is a weather front approaching and tomorrow may be a wet one, but we will see.



All good things must come to an end and our streak of beautiful weather is at an end. Yesterday was another great day to be at the beach with sun and warm temps.

Late last night the rain showers began (1am or so) and we are having some heavy showers this morning. Today will be a great day to do some shopping, read a book, play board games, drink and relax but not a good day to work on the tan lines. We will have off and on showers (some heavy) all day. Still better than shoveling SNOW!



Ok a pretty wet day yesterday. In the past day we have probably had 6 inches of rain or there about.

Today a day of transition with some sun but still some clouds and a chance of a shower at any time. Not a total wash out but still probably not a day of laying out at the beach for the day. I was going to go to Sosua beach today but will put it off.



hi bobk thanks for the updates we arrive in samana on the 17th for 3 weeks and looking at the weather its not looking good for the next week or so.