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Bobk's weather PP/Sosua/Cabarete


A few more clouds than expected yesterday but still lots of sun and a great day to be at the beach. Last night some heavy showers and the gardens enjoyed them.

Today again it will be another beach day with sun and warm temps. So grab the sunscreen and enjoy. However there may be an early morning shower first…just to freshen up things for you :slight_smile:



You could not ask for a better day yesterday. Sun, a scattering of clouds, hot temps and a nice afternoon and evening breeze…Perfect!

Today again lots of sun, especially this morning. Some clouds later on and maybe a shower later in the day but again not for everyone. So another day of sunscreen, hats and water.



Another great beach day yesterday. Sunny skies, warm temps and a nice breeze. Late day clouds but not a big deal. Made for a beautiful sunset

Today will be another day the online forecasts were WRONG. Early in the week they were calling for rain on Thurs, Fri and Saturday. Well sorry to disappoint but today once again you will need lots of sunscreen for a great day to play outside. But there may actually be a shower later on in the day or evening, but only a chance. So enjoy playing outside today!



A mixed bag yesterday with a sunny warm morning. Clouds by mid afternoon and some heavy rain showers later on and overnight.

Today will be a cloudy day for the most part with off and on showers. So a good day for some touring and shopping. Not a great day for the beach :frowning:



We actually ended up with a fair amount of sun yesterday late morning and afternoon with only a very light shower late in the day.

Today again a mixed day of sun, clouds and showers. Tomorrow should be improving.



Mixed day yesterday. Sunny early morning , shower at 9am then sun till afternoon when clouds rolled in along with a stiff breeze and much cooler temps. Last night clouds and wind but no rain.

Today will be a day of transition with clouds this morning giving way to sun as the day goes on. So keep the sunscreen handy as you most likely will need it.



We had a mixed day yesterday with sun then clouds then sun then clouds but no rain. So not a bad day…

Today we may have a shower to start the day but more sun as the day goes on and certainly should be a good day to play outside. So take the sunscreen with you to breakfast!



Yesterday was an ok day with a good amount of sun and some clouds. No rain here in the Sosua area but some places did get a light shower.

Today more sun than yesterday and a good beach day but breezy and maybe some big waves. Off to Sosua beach for me today!!!



Finally got to the beach yesterday (first time in 3 weeks or so) and did not last long. The place was packed with tourists which was great to see but it was cold (for this gringo) and very big waves. We had a mix of sun and clouds for the morning and more sun in the afternoon.

Today much the same with a mix of clouds and sun (more sun than clouds) a slight chance of a shower and still breezy with big waves. Still a good day to play outside.



A beautiful beach day yesterday with sun, warm temps and still a bit of a breeze and some bigger waves.

A shower late last night and this morning a some showers around as well. However the sun is making a comeback and by mid morning we should have sunny skies and the making of another day to play outside.




Sorry for the delay today but got a late start.

Yesterday was a great day to be at the beach but a bit breezy

Today lots of sun about and some clouds as well. Maybe a shower (brief) some time later in the day but mostly sun and warm temps. Breezes persist today as well.

Enjoy your Sunday.



Yesterday we had it all. A sunny beautiful morning then clouds by early afternoon and some light showers late in the day and early evening. Nothing major. Still a bit breezy.

They pesky system that has bothered us the last few days is breaking down and moving out. Today should be more sun and less breeze and as the week goes on things will get back to the normal sunny and hot days.




Clouds morning and beautiful afternoon yesterday.

Today …sorry just sun. So grab the sunscreen and head to the beach!!!



It was a 5* day yesterday with lots of sun, a scattering of clouds, and warm temps. The perfect day play at the beach.

Today I hope you did not use up all of your sunscreen yesterday as you will certainly need a lot of it today. Once again lots of sun and warm temps. So pack the sunscreen, water, hat, sunglasses and head to the water!!!



I hope all you all (how we say it in Tennessee) brought lots of sunscreen with you.

Yesterday …Sunny and HOT

Today… Sunny and HOT

Tomorrow…Sunny and HOT

So sunscreen, water and hats for all!!!



One could not ask for a better day than yesterday. Sun and hot temps. Not a hint of rain.

Today will be the same. So lots of sunscreen and enjoy!



Yep yesterday again a perfect Caribbean day. Lots of sun, almost no clouds at all, and hot temps.

So if you enjoyed yesterday then today will be a good one for you as well. Once again sun, scattered clouds, no rain, and hot temps. Lots of sunscreen today for sure!



Ok we are officially in a rut but a good rut.

Yesterday sunny, HOT and almost no clouds with a beautiful sunset

Today sunny, HOT and not many clouds and once again no rain. So load up on the sunscreen, lots of water and enjoy your Sunday



Hang on to your hats as you will need them today along with lots of sunscreen. Like yesterday today will be a day filled with sun and hot temps.

So enjoy the beach!

I have to leave to the US for a family emergency today and will not be back for the weather updates till Friday. So enjoy the week and you should see sun pretty much every day with very little chance of rain.



Well I am back. Got home yesterday afternoon to sunny skies and hot temps.

Today is partly cloudy and we actually have had a brief shower this morning, but the sun is winning and we should a good day to play outside. Remember the sunscreen.