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Bobk's weather PP/Sosua/Cabarete


Turned out ok yesterday. Some morning clouds and a few very light brief rain showers then a sunny and warm afternoon.

Today is starting out with some light showers once again here just before dawn but again in a few hours the sun will be out and another great day to enjoy some very crowded beaches. Today will be the busiest day on the beach for the whole year. So be careful and enjoy the local flare



A good day yesterday though we did have some mid day clouds and breezes. Some may even have seen a brief shower then (none here in Sosua) and a sunny afternoon.

Today more sun and less clouds. So sunscreen for all!



A bit breeze yesterday but a sunny and warm day as well. Some bigger waves around as has been the case all week.

Today pretty much a repeat. Sun, warm temps, breezes and a bigger surf. Grab the sunscreen and enjoy your day playing outside.



Beautiful day yesterday with sun and warm temps. Hardly a cloud about.

Today again lots of sun and warm temps. A few more clouds but no big deal and you will appreciate the moments of shade that they may provide. Not much of a chance of rain. So grab the sunscreen, hats, water and enjoy the beach!



A few clouds about yesterday but overall a pretty good day

Today started out with lots of clouds this morning and now at mid day the sun is coming out, and we should have a great afternoon to spend on the beach. So enjoy



Some morning clouds then mid day and afternoon sun yesterday.

Today looks like a carbon copy. So lots of sunscreen and enjoy the outdoors.



Again yesterday lots of sun, warm temps and some nice afternoon breezes. Last night late (10 pm or so) we did have a brief 4 min rain shower.

Today…SUN and WARM temps so keep the sunscreen handy



Ok it may be ok to officially say summer is here. Yesterday sunny and HOT (90F) and not many clouds around.

Today ditto sunny and HOT with a scattering of clouds. So lots of sunscreen PLEASE. Last night we had a group of lobsters (and still lobsters are not in season) eating at the table next to us. Four not so very happy beet red folks trying to pretend they were comfortable. Folks the sun will eat you alive here.



I wish I had ‘your’ weather problems. It may officially be spring, but winter is back here with a vengeance. It’s currently 18F (-8C) and the wind chill makes it feel like 2F. At least the sun is out. The UV index is moderate (5) but there’s not likely much skin being exposed.


Bob lo siento. That is why we left the mountain of Colorado. At our old house they have had 60 inches of snow wince March 1st and temps still below freezing every night. Nope do not miss it for a nano second.



Yep summer is here. Yesterday sunny and HOT. I even got into our pool for the first time this year !

Today a repeat with sunny skies a scattering of clouds and HOT temps. Sunscreen will be the lotion of the day.



Yesterday again a perfect day. Sun, hot temps and no rain

Today pretty much a repeat but a slight chance of an afternoon shower but not for everyone. So enjoy playing outside today once again



Well all good things must come to an end. Again yesterday we had a sunny hot day with a scattering of clouds.

Today we are starting off with clear skies but a front is approaching and we should have some thundershowers by mid day or mid afternoon. This system depending on how fast it is moving may give us a day or two of showers, we will have to see. But you should have a nice morning at any rate.



Yesterday as I thought was two different days. A sunny warm morning and a cloudy with some light showers afternoon and evening. Something for everyone :slight_smile:

Today unlike the on line forecasts which yesterday showed rain for today we will have pretty good day for playing outside with lots of sun about and a scattering of clouds and just maybe a shower or two later on in the day, but not for everyone. So grab the sunscreen and enjoy



A little bit about on line forecasts. For the past couple of days they showed thunderstorms and rain for yesterday. Sooo yesterday we had sunny skies (not a cloud in sight) and hot temps. Folks STOP relying on the online forecasts!!!

Today again lots of sun and HOT temps so pack the sunscreen, hats and water for the day. Enjoy the beaches. Me I am trying for Sosua beach today!!



Best way to describe yesterday…WOW! perfect day with sun, hot temps and a nice afternoon breeze…NO rain.

If you enjoyed yesterday or missed yesterday don’t worry it will be the same today. So enjoy and slather on the sunscreen!



Yep another perfect day yesterday with lots of sun, no real clouds and hot temps.

Today very similar but with a few more clouds about and a reasonable chance of a late day shower (we could use a little rain) but not a big deal or a day wrecker. So grab the sunscreen and have a great Sunday!



Finally early this morning (4AM or so) we had a nice brief rain shower. Yesterday again sunny and HOT

Today a bit of a change but not a big deal. Still lots of sun but a few more clouds and we may see a shower or two later on in the day. Again not a big deal and you will have lot of sun to work the tan lines.



Put another great day in the record books for yesterday with lots of sun and hot temps. A beautiful sunset to end the day…perfect.

We did have some light showers overnight starting around 2AM and just ending now around dawn. Today once again you will have to put up with sun and warm temps… sorry :slight_smile:

Once again a chance of a late day or night shower but not for everyone.

Have a great day!



We continue to have nearly perfect weather. Once again yesterday sun and warm temps and once again some very nice late night showers for the gardens.

Today make sure you have lots of sunscreen, hats, water and beach wear as you will need it. Maybe a brief shower here early at sunrise but then another sunny hot day is in store for us.

Have a great day!