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Bobk's weather PP/Sosua/Cabarete


I could not get any better. Yesterday again sun and warm temps with a scattering of clouds. And again at 4AM today we had a nice brief but heavy shower (just perfect for the lawns)

Today again you will have to put up with sun and warm temps. Me…Sosua beach!!!



Great day yesterday once again and I never made it to the beach :frowning:

However I am not too upset as today will be equally good if not better than yesterday. Today Sun, sun and more sun with HOT temps and only a few scattered clouds. No rain in sight and order of the day will be SUNSCREEN!. So off to Sosua beach for me today!!!



The gardens are actually a bit sad that the online forecasts have been wrong (once again) as they were looking forward to some good soaking rain showers. However yesterday once again was SUNNY and HOT and a great day on the beach in Sosua. Even the ocean temps are warming up.

Today again we will have to suffer :slight_smile: with sun and HOT temps and very little chance of rain. A good day for toasting those buns. So grab the sunscreen and head to the beach!



I bet there are some amazing tan lines walking around these parts as yet again yesterday was sun and warm temps with very few clouds and NO rain at all.

Today maybe a few more clouds, but still lot so sun for working the tan lines and maybe (it might be wishful thinking) just a chance of a late day shower.

Enjoy your Sunday!



So after a string of beautiful days the on line forecasts finally got one right. Today is cloudy and a good chance of showers this afternoon. WE certainly can use the moisture after 10 days of blazing sun.

Tomorrow maybe some morning showers and maybe a good sunny afternoon. I will check in again in the morning.



Well we did have a mostly cloudy day yesterday and by late evening and over night we had some nice soaking rain showers. The gardens are dancing this morning!

Today we will start out with clouds and then sun by mid day with a very pleasant sunny day (most of it) and lots of time to get some work done on the tan lines. So enjoy your day.



We did have more clouds than I expected yesterday but still not a bad day

Today is starting out with clouds but we should see the sun soon and it will be a good day to play outside.




Yesterday was a mix of clouds and sun but no rain.

This morning we are waking up to light showers but they should end soon and like yesterday a mix of clouds and sun. You will still have time to work the tan lines



More clouds than sun yesterday but still periods of sunshine. Some light showers overnight.

Today more sun than clouds, a bit of a breeze and just maybe a shower later. All in all a nice day



Lots more clouds than I expected yesterday but still some periods of sunshine.

It now looks like the on line forecasts have got it right (they are right about 5-10% of the time) and we are in for a day or two of unsettled weather. We will have lots of clouds, some sun and a good chance of some showers and some may be heavy. The next couple of days may be better for shopping and exploring than for working the tan lines. :frowning:



Even with “boots on the ground” the weather can surprise me sometimes and yesterday was one of them. It turned out to be a pretty good day with lots of sun and some clouds as well as a breeze. However in the evening we had one heck of a thunderstorm with about 2 inches of much needed rain.

Today we find a frontal system at our door with lots of clouds about and some showers as well. Not a beach day today :frowning:

I will be taking a brief two week trip back to the US to see friends and family so I will not be posting on the weather thread for the next two weeks. If something major is going to happen then I will let you know. Until Ii return please have a great time here in the DR.



Have a great trip.


From Puerto Plata, we have had about 2 weeks of rainy weather, at times torrential and then the sun will come out. Almost nightly we have had some heavy rains…

Today started with rain, sun, more rain and currently rainy while the sun is shining… Yikes.


I am still in the states on a bit of a family emergency and wont be back home till early next week. My wife who is home is reporting rain almost every day and some days quite heavy. Looking at the maps it seems this trend will continue for the next day or so but with some steady improvement. This is a bit unusual for us but it has filled the reservoirs and has basically ended a 3 year drought here. So somewhat welcome but a pain in the butt and some local flooding as well which is never good.