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Body butter?


Hello all,
I’ve been “lurking” on this forum for a little while, gaining some new information, and I finally have a question of my own. I’ve been reading all about this Body Butter and from what i read I’m guessing it’s sort of like a body lotion. But what is the difference? And what is it’s main purpose?

My boyfriend and I leave for Puerto Plata in 8 days…I was just wondering if I should try and get some?

Thanks in advance!




Body Butter is a heavy moisturizer. It has a consistency of butter thus the name. It come in many fragrances


Lots of people swear that it keeps your tan going forever. Smooth skin, nice tropical scent. I don’t use it myself but there’s lots of people who love it.


I just went to the store and found some MANGO (my favorite scent!) body butter! I can’t wait to get in the sun and use it!


I have to break down and also try this product!! I have looking at it for two years but never tried it yet. But you don’t use it for tanning do you?? I would think it’s for when you come out of the sun and you want a good Moisturizer? Am I correct by saying this??
Cin ???


Do not use it for tanning as it has no SPF. After tan only. :sunglasses:


I have used it for many years and it is the best expecially when you have very dry skin like me. It keeps your skin smoother, soft and mosterized! I love the body shops coconut, i have tried walmarts and found it dredful.
This thread was up a long time ago and some people mentioned that shoppers has a body butter - what was the name of it again??? I have looked at mine and can’t find anything? thanks, try it and you will be hooked! no more lotions in a pump ever again.


Before anyone asks me to comment.
Being the favorite board “METRO” that I am…
(OK Captain “Chris” is a close 2nd)

Keeps your skin “fabby” and moist and will help keep your tan after you get back home.

There now “Kev” you will not have to post…
“Why don’t you ask Joe” :wink:

We always travel with 2 full tubs… ;D

Joe…(& Kar) :sunglasses: :sunglasses:



That was meterosexually correct answer. Just as I would have expexted ;).

Kevin :sunglasses: