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Boogie Boards at Palladium?

Hi All!! Only 86 more days till we’re lying on that beautiful beach of PC!! Oh and hopefully playing in the waves on a boogie board which is the subject of my post…

How is the ocean in that part of the Bavaro beach? Calm or wavy and good or not for boogie boards…if indeed they even have them at this resort to use? (we’re staying on the Bavaro side…but don’t think that makes a difference)


I did not see anyone boogie boarding while we were there. I think sometimes the waves would have been good enough for it, but I know I did not see anyone nor did I see them for rent anywhere.

It is a gorgeous stretch of beach. We spent pretty much all day there every day just laying on the beach and chilling out.

You can buy them in Cortecito for a reasonalbe price, right next door to the Palladium complex.