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Book lovers

:sunglasses: i love to read when on holiday, and always underestimate the number of books i need, or even worse, think i have a good one and then realize that i have read it already! i love the resorts that have a little corner where you can drop off a book you are done with, or pick up one that someone has left behind. does anyone know if oasis playa coco has such a thing, because i will be there in february 2008. thanks :-*

If they haven’t you can always do what my wife and I do - look for others reading, strike up a conversation and suggest a book swap?

We just got back from the Melia Cayo Santa Maria. There was no ‘library’ like we’ve seen at other resorts but my husband dropped off the books I’d read at the activity centre and the girl working there was happy to get them. You can always try that.