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Booked for Jan 15


Just book for one week Jan 15 ( that should be 18)
Cost was $844/person taxes in ;D
Crazy part, for 2 weeks it is 1806/person taxes in
Picking for this price, we may of a change to get away late in the winter for another trip


That is great Koz. Take lots of pictures, would love to see them.

(Have your wife send them to me. ;))

What is your flight time coming back on the 22nd? Wonder what the chances are of us crossing each other’s path at the airport. :stuck_out_tongue:


Opps that should be the 18th :o
The wife meet a saleperson at Moores today and they are going the same time as so but they are going for 2 weeks
Two week price has dropped to 1404 taxes /person


Today the 2 week price has drop to 1040/person taxes in :o
I wonder if we switch to 2 weeks


497 at holiday market travel for the jan18 departure, plus taxes of course…


Great time
It was HOT Hot Hot
The ocean was body temp
If you are looking for a quiet room ask for it
building four would probably be the quietest at time
I would have no problem going back
It was very much like the Pananma resort but without stairs


:slight_smile: Get yourself unpacked and laundry done - pronto - and then get at writing a review! :wink:

Welcome back and glad to hear you had a great time. Looking forward to your review and maybe some pics? Pretty please. :wink: :-*


My pixs suck LOL
The only thing that they could improve on is a swim up bar
Think of the Panama resort without stairs and tons of chairs