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Booked our Trip

I have been lurking again for the last two weeks, reading everything I can on Punta Cana. It is so exciting to start the process all over again. We never get tired of the waiting, the excitement of going, the excitement of packing, shopping for our trips, anything at all is fun. It’s also a lot of fun reading all the postings and ideas and complaints. I get a lot of information from the people on this forum and I love it.

We finally booked our trip to Paradisus Punta Cana in April 2009 for two weeks. This is our 5th time for Paradisus and our second time for two weeks.

I think what Mike and I enjoyed the most was the not having to pack after 6 nights. We never felt rushed to do the things we wanted or that we had to eat at a particular place on this night because we only have 3 days left. You know what I mean. The feeling is just better. We’re grateful that we can do this again this year.

I am trying to put a new ticker on but not much success yet. I’ll keep trying.

It’s good to be back.