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Bookin blues

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t be looking at booking this early.
But I am getting so much blather from I-2000 and the
rest, that I figured I would start looking.
My search frame is only for the Tryp Cayo Coco,
end of Jan for two weeks. Our dates are quite flexible.
I went to the site: http://www.7daysinparadise.com/so.html
which someone posted and did some searching through there.
When I was finished, I had exactly the same results, from all…
and low and behold, they all originated from
http: sax.softvoyage.com.

I had considered booking before midnight tonight for the let it snow package but after considering how many New years days, I
saw 5" of snow in Thunder Bay, I think I will wait for another carrot.

IMHO, fuel surcharges should be dropping more than they are and overall travel should be down due to the economy. I think that prices should come down (but then again, I bought gold 3 weeks ago)

Fuel surcharges wont be going down anytime soon. Seen a news report that a lot of airlines contracted fuel when the price was high, in fear of the price going higher. :’(

I used www.beatmyquote.ca in October and they were about $100 cheaper (each) than the other discount sites so we boooked through them and had no problems with the flight or the tickets. Saved a couple of hundred there, and then bought a whack of CUC’s while we were there (the week before the dollar tanked!) and brought them back for next trip in February

Some are claiming to be down already