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Booking ahead for wedding

My sister is getting married in Cuba (probably Las Dunas) the first week of August and is getting told to book since we’ll be about 20 people. That said, the price out of Montreal right now is quite expensive for the location (in my opinion) - over $1500 p/person for one week. I know that late July early August is getting quite busy in the Carribbean, but does anyone have input about the best time to book cost-wise for a wedding? The travel agent is telling her she’d best book right away or else she won’t get anything… despite the fact that it’s 7 months away!

I just got back from two weeks at the Grand Sirenis in the Riviera Maya in December and only paid $1750 for a 5*. I have a hard time believing the prices won’t go down for Cuba in a 4* resort between now and say April.

Just want to know when would be the very latest one should book if they are planning on getting married on a resort in Cuba.


That’s a tough one to answer!

The price does seem a bit high right now BUT August is a popular month for vacations to Cuba, especially for europeans. OTOH, Melia Las Dunas does have 900 rooms available!

What you might want to consider are some of the “what ifs”. For example, if Las Dunas were indeed sold out earlier than expected, how would your sister feel about getting married at a different resort? What impact would it have on your family and the wedding if all 20 people couldn’t be accomodated at the resort because you waited too long to book and there weren’t enough rooms or seats left on the plane? How would the plans change or be impacted if the airlines decided to cut back on flights between Montreal and Cayo Santa Maria due to lack of demand this summer?

tell her to email julie@weddinginthetropics.com
she is a travel agent who specializes in destination weddings and she is located in the Ottawa area but can arrange travel from any city…she is fluent in spanish so can liase directly with the resort to ensure that all your sisters expectations are met etc…also I believe she can do the document translation…

We faced the same dilema a few years ago for our weddingin Cuba. Our TA was pushing us to book in Janaury for October. Price was about the same as you are posting. Having been previously to Cuba at that time, we knew, we could quite possibly go for a lower price.
What to do, what to do…it is a big deal and a hard decision, especially because it is a wedding.
What we did was make all the arrangements with the resort for the wedidng and watched the prices. Switched TA’s and got one that watched the plane for us to see how full it was getting. When there were only 35 seats left, she called, and we all booked within one day! There were 22 of us in total. It was a gamble and quite stressful for hubby and I, but it was a chance we took.
Good Luck!

Awesome! Thanks for all the info - it’s greatly appreciated. I’ll pass the suggestions along and see what my sister decides to do.