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Booking Question


Hi all,

My wife and I spent our honeymoon at the Sunscape Punta Cana Grand in August of 03. We are looking at going back to Punta Cana this January, during her winter break. Basically we just need to be back by January 22nd, but I’d prefer to leave somewhere around the 7th and stay 7 nights (missing the holiday traffic). We went with Apple Vacations last time and were pretty happy with their service.

I’d like to stay at least a 5 apple resort, preferably golden apple. My goal is a budget of $3,000, but hope to keep the flight, hotel, and fees around $2,500 and the rest for excursions and spending money.

Right now for that time period and hotel level, its closer to $3k for the whole shebang. I know January is typically a soft travel month, and because we don’t have a single resort we’re tied too, does it seem like a good idea to wait until November/early December to try to book, and watch for deals?

Thanks in advance for your advice.


Well, unfortunately I cannot predict what’s gonna happen with airfare prices this Fall given the current volatility of oil prices, and fear of terrorism … but I can recommend CheapCaribbean.com.
I consistently find their prices to be cheaper than Apple, AND they offer more flight and hotel options than Apple.


I agree with Wendy. We priced out a trip in March and since the problems the price went up by $200 per person. They just took one of the specials off. It also depends what happens elsewhere ie - Cuba If something happens there that makes people move their destination - than DR and other places will have an increase. If a hurricane (God forbid) hits a destination - those people also move. I think it is just one of those years that make it hard to answer your question. Last Minute people are those who are open to anyplace - for instance if they can’t find a place in DR off they go to Mexico etc… We have friends that always go last minute but are very relaxed about location. I am a planner and have tried to go last minute but find it stressful so I tend to grab the early booking bonuses or watch for the daily specials through tour groups. Wish it was an easier year for this decision!