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Booking Through a Travel Agent

Just curious, I have always booked via on-line & paid the full amount upon booking for vacations, just wondering when you book through an independent travel agency, how do you pay, do you have to pay the full amount when booking or do you put down a deposit & have the final payment a certain number of weeks prior to departure.

Depends on how far ahead you book. Usually the tour company needs payment in full 45-60 days prior to departure.
So if you book way ahead, you can put a deposit down and pay the balance on the required due date. If you are booking within the 45-60 days, you will need to pay the full amount when you book.
Incidentally, this year we booked with itravel2000 in June for a March trip. Put a deposit down at the time of booking and paid the balance last week.

We booked through a travel agent and we only paid a deposit when we booked. The balance will be paid around 1 month before we leave however sometimes it’s different. Last time, the balance needed to be paid by for example Dec 31 to get the deal.

the TA we use always has payment options/plans which is great…so one year or 12/24 equal payments no interest and she matches any online price out there…so its the best of both worlds… ;D

That would be great.

Yeah we booked via our TA too and only just a couple of weeks ago for our mid-April trip. We only had to pay a balance and then rest paid by mid-March. Beforehand, we’ve most always booked in the fall for a Spring trip to get the ‘Early Booking Bonus’ and had to pay a dep and then the balance about a month or so beforehand…depends on the TA I guess!

Only 84 days to the Palladium!!!

Depends…if you book a real Charter package then a deposit is all you need to do with a TA. If they have to book Air/hotel separetly like we have had to do in the past which has actually been cheaper then we have to pay a small deposit for the hotel and pay in full for the air. Our friends who booked through a Canadian TA got an early booking discount that expired on 1/16 so they had to pay the entire price by 1/16.

It seems to be how you book each part of the vacation. If you get the travel insurance then that has to be paid at time of booking in full as well.

I looked at www.cheapcaribbean.com then called Liberty Travel and Liberty matched CC and we didn’t have to pay all at once except for the air portion.