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Booking very last minute

What is the latest people have booked? We are looking to book for the 26th Feb, but wouldn’t be booking until the about five days prior to leaving due to the funds that we are using for the trip won’t be available til then. Just curious if anyone has done bookings this close to leaving.

we have booked about 5-6 days prior with no problems BUT friends of ours tried to book last year last minute and could not find anything for feb they all just dried up or where toooo expensive. so i hope all goes well good luck

I have booked one day and have left the next. It all depends on where and when you want to go and what you are willing to settle for in the end. The usally is lots of last minute deals 1 wk before leaving…good luck

bonita70, on two occasions, we booked within 5 days of departure. On the first occasion, we wanted a specific resort and paid the full shot…no deals. On the second occasion, we saw a deal and took it (and should have waited another 48 hours when the deal got even better). It’s been our experience watching the websites coninuously for the past several years that the best deals seem to come about 3 to 5 weeks prior to departure. However, if you are not looking for a specific resort, you can normally find something at the last minute.

If you can get time off work with out a problem and you don’t care where you go as long it meets your criteria…last minute can save you a bundle…you don’t even need cancellation insurance

Friends of ours just booked the Riu Naiboa for Feb 19 @ 847 +316 taxes. Don’t think they’ll get much better than that!!

check out nolitours march 2 way less than that

To where and from what departure city?

I saw on Sunwing a price drop of 200 per person, two days before departure but that was in November when the resorts were half full.

Sorry nolitours toronto to breezes puerto plata

We will be flying out of Toronto & really anywhere in DR.

as an fyi… sunquestvacations.ca have a ‘deal of the day’. Just go to their website, and you will see a link to ‘the deal’ THey have different deals for each of the major exit airports … ie. Toronto, Halifax etc.
The departure date is usually 2 weeks from today’s date.
It’s a good idea if your not set on going to one particular place.
We used it last year and got a very nice deal to Riu Taino.

It all depends on what everyone else does. If there are empty seats on the plane and empty rooms at the hotel, there will be deals. We were waiting to book our Feb 14 trip until today and yesterday almost everything seemed to disappear. One of the ones we were interested in suddenly became available again and we snapped it up - but it was $800 more than it was last week. So you never know.

First time ever, last January we booked on the Friday night and left Sunday morning. No deals to be had at all and don’t get your pick of hotels either. Coincidently first time ever the resort did not have our hotel reservation in their system (booked with Itravell2000) - never again with them, nor booking 1 day before leaving!
Like you said, if you don’t care what area of DR and leaving from Toronto you shouldn’t have a problem at all with 5 days.