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Booze cruise complete with snorkeling adventure

Hi all,
I’ve been to the DR (Punta Cana) 3 times, but may be accompanying a friend who’s never been. I wanted to treat my friend to a ‘booze cruise’ for his birthday. I’ve done Caribbean Festival (Feb 05), Kontiki Party Boat (August 07), and the catamaran to Saona Island (August 08). I wanted to take him on Kontiki because I had a lot of fun on that one the first time, but I’ve just been notified that it’s not available.

I’d be interested to hear others’ suggestions of which snorkeling cruise is the most fun. I know of Caribbean Festival and I’ve heard of Marinarium but I dont know much about the experience.

FYI–I use the term booze cruise very loosely. We’re in our 30s. We don’t booze like spring breakers. I simply want a boat ride with an open bar, fun activities (dancing, performances) and a snorkeling experience. I’d appreciate an all day trip but will settle for a half day trip if there’s nothing else available.

Thanks in advance for all your help!


Tropical Storm day cruise will fit the bill for you.

I agree - Tropical Storm. We loved it. Open bar the whole time, great snorkeling, riding the waves, nice floating bar at the natural pool. Just a great overall 1/2 trip.

I did Marinarium in '06 and had great time. But now, looking back I feel bad for those sharks and rays all penned up. Tropical Storm seems to be the preferred booze cruze experience according to those on this board and another one; the bees knees of party boats. I wish I was there right now.