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Bought a bottle of Legendario


someone on here recommended it, but it was really cheap, can’t believe something that cheap can be that good. I might just open it this weekend and try a sip


I’ll second that!!


still sitting in the bottle, I might just have to crack it open to test it


Hey, iggy1, I’m sure Steffiej would come to “test it” !! Got a bottle from a few years ago and have been afraid to open it as it didn’t have a Gov’t. label on it. Thought it might not be the real stuff. Realized when I saw it on the shelf at BJ last week that only pure rums have the label. Liqueurs, etc. like Legendario don’t need, therefore don’t have it !! I’ll be sampling my “aged” Legendario this weekend.


Let’s see - rum in Cuba, good rum in Cuba, is cheap compared to here at home. So, yes, for those who like a rum liquor (and there are many), Legendario is cheap at 6.50 but good. Iggy, if you don’t like it, I’ll take it ;D
I brought back 2 bottles this visit and I’m happy to say it was far more accessible than previous years. Obviously it’s catching on!
This is the first time I’ve seen it carried at the resort (Breezes Jibacoa). Previously, I’ve had to track it down through cigar stores in Havana.


You won’t regret opening it.

You WILL regret not buying more!


[quote=@eloisegirl]You won’t regret opening it.

You WILL regret not buying more![/quote]

yup been there done that… goes down like nothing else…


Thanks, everyone for making me feel so bad !! Well I guess I’ll have to suffer the rest of the year after it’s gone and bring more back next year. Time’s already going quickly as we’ve only got 11 months and 1 week to go !


Ifeeel really bad… my Bro in law is meeting us in Cuba in the next 3weeks … He lives in Stoney creek…if the Legendero withdrawals are that bad… I’ll get you a bottle and you can it pick it up in SC in late March . No worries. :-* :-* :-*


Thanks for the offer but I think I can tough it out ! I’ll just ration the Legendario as I’ve got a real nice stock of Rums to keep me busy in the meantime.