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Boycott aruba


i’m calling on all americans to begin a travel boycott to aruba. we need to show their government were the money comes from and it’s not acceptable to let tourists disapear.
spread the word via phone, email, word of mouth.
what ever it takes!!!


I believe people disappear every day in the US, should it be boycotted as well?



not sure where you are from, but are you aware of the story behind this?


miatamx, yes I am well aware of the Natalee Holloway story. But are you aware of all the missing kids in the US? What has the US Government done for Reyna Gabriela Alvarado-Carrera for example? Should we boycott the US?

FYI I will no longer discuss this.


Give me a break. Aruba is a beautiful island. I am sorry a young girl lost her life but, unless you are aware of something that the general public is not DON’T PRESUME. Everyday hundred’s of people disappear. I have been to the exact bar she was at and it is a place I would not be in alone. Just common sense. Also why would you go with a stranger? I have no answers to this …all I know is it is not fair to generalize that it is the fault of the island or the government. There are bad people everywhere!!!


It is a sad thing that happened, but I do believe that there was too much drinking going on, and I do believe that Natalee left with him, but I do believe that she would have been alittle more guarded had she not been drinking, the only cover-up I think is that the police really never thought anything had happened to her and waited to long and then tried to cover. I would still go there.


I’ll be back. We loved it and had a great time.


I’m with ya Mia!!! I have been to Aruba many times and will not return until some form of justice is given to the family of the victim. Yes, it’s a lovely island but there are many just as nice or even nicer. Many people disappear in the States but the justice system is alive, fair and doing well last time I checked.


"Many people disappear in the States but the justice system is alive, fair and doing well last time I checked. "

Good one!!! Nothing like a good joke to end 2005 on a good note.


Do you live in a free America? Where would you prefer to lose a member of your family? Would you be happy to receive the lip service of the Aruban officials? It is not a good thought and not one I wish upon anyone but I sure would like to have law enforcement and the justice system of the good of US of A on my side. I am not an american but and lo and behold I do have faith and thank God everyday for the protected rights and freedoms and protection we receive on a daily basis.
Yes, people disappear everyday in all countries. I do not get your sarcasm. I can list several perps who are behind bars for their abuses. I must have forgotten however, most of those behind bars are innocent right? Blech!
Have a great new year!


Did anyone happen to see the TV special about Aruba and the dissapearance? Just goes to show how many sides there are to each storey and then there is the truth.
I was wondering if the same “boycott of Aruba” attitude by Americans will follow thru to the Canadian issues in Playa del Carmen? We have been to both places and I say it is up to each individual to make their own choices. We must remember we are in a foreign country and they do not always do things the same way we do.
Bottom line is… be smart, be safe and have some faith. There is good and bad everywhere in the world and sometimes you can be in both at the same time!


Wow, boycott tiny little Aruba, bring it down to its knees, to feel the wrath and scorn of American might. Yup, and you wonder why no one likes you.


Who doesn’t like me? I thought everyone liked me :o LOL Even though I am ticked about the handling of this stinkin’ case I am over it. Not saying I will return there anytime soon however. It has been a wake up call to exactly how these things are handled on Aruba and I cannot condone it. But yeah, really, I AM over it ::).


perhaps every Canadian city should be boycotted if we boycott Aruba. We were on a cruise there three years ago and loved it. This was unfortunate and we feel for the family, but the people there for the most part are awesome. I can’t say anything negative about the people


if natalee were a poor girl, or an ugly girl ,or any other color besides white, this would not have even made the headlines at all.

look it up, its called "pretty white girl syndrome."


well if you are going to boycott Aruba you might add Bermuda to that too, what about Rebbeca Middleton???


:slight_smile: Who? ??? :-*


Rebbecca Middleton (Belleville Ontario) was just 16 when she went with a friend and her family to the Bahama’s 10 years ago June, she was raped, sodomized, stab 36 times and had her throat slit. She died alone on the side of the road where they left her. He family is still trying to get the government to arrest and punish the men who did this.


:slight_smile: Thank you, Hula. That is a very sad story. I hadn’t heard of it before.

Do these deaths mean that I will boycott an area? No, as it can - and does - happen at home.

There are many unsolved murders in Canada and the US. :-*


Shirley, it won’t stop me from traveling either, but it does make me a little more careful of my surroundings at all times. Just wanted to make a point that Aruba is not the only place things like this happen. I live in Toronto and it happens everyday…as it does in any big city in North America.