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Brand New Video Landing Puerto Plata


oo bad about the ‘scratched window’ but you can see the Playa Dorado Beach!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Gremlins attacking the plane!

Terror at 30,000 feet.


No…actually the ‘scratches’ on the window are all the passengers scrambling and trying to get out from the BAD AIRLINE FOOD!!


I really enjoyed the video - even with the scratched window… There is a great shot of the Gran Ventana and Paradise next door.

The Gran Ventana has the red roofs and Paradise the white roofs about 1/2 way into the video.

I think the scratches are people leaving who want to get back off cause they had such a great holiday :o ;D :sunglasses:


Thanks for the memories!


Just out of curiosity… you can’t see the Allegro can you?